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Franco American Centre Occasional Papers (ISSN 2330-1090)

The OCCASIONAL PAPERS series is produced by the Franco American Centre in order to foster research and scholarship about Franco Americans, and to offer a frank understanding of the history and people of Maine and its region.

No. 1, Spring 2013
“Contemporary Attitudes of Maine’s Franco Americans”
by Christian Potholm, Yvon Labbé, Tony Brinkley, and Jacob Albert

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From the authors: “There has  long been a need for a significant, in-depth look at the attitudes of the Franco American communities in Maine. This occasional paper is only an initial step in addressing that need. It is based on a comprehensive overview of the opinions, circumstances, conditions, and standpoints that occur within these communities, and among Franco American people in this state.In the pages that follow, we shall be providing some of the initial highlights of a 2012 demographic survey – commissioned by the Maine Legislature’s Franco American Task Force and conducted by Command Research – broken down by cultural subgroup classification, economic conditions, and political areas of interest…

“Occasional Paper #1 represents a first step in the analysis of the rich mine of data that the demographic study has produced. It is designed to give the interested reader a sense of what the total survey contains, with certain examples selected to provide insights into the depth of the survey response’s cross tabulations.”

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