Chapter 6: Helpful Information and Resources

6.1 Maine Card
6.2 Parking on Campus
6.3 Campus Mail
6.4 Telephone System
6.5 Faculty Pay Schedule
6.6 Childcare Facilities on Campus
6.7 University Housing
6.8  Auditoriums and Performance Spaces
6.8.1 Maine Center for the Arts/Hutchins Concert Hall
6.8.2 Other Auditoriums and Theaters
6.8.3 Minsky Music Recital Hall
6.8.4 Hauck Auditorium
6.8.5 Al Cyrus Pavilion Theater
6.9 Museum of Art
6.10 Recreational Facilities and Athletics
6.11 Open … Reserved
6.12 University Information Technologies
6.13 Fogler Library
6.13.1 URSUS
6.13.2 Mariner
6.13.3 Library Checkout Privileges
6.13.4 Interlibrary Loan
6.14 Recycling
6.15 Presidential Achievement Awards
6.15.1 Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award
6.15.2 Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award
6.15.3 Presidential Public Service Achievement Award
6.16 Center for Teaching Excellence

6.1 MaineCard

The MaineCard is the University of Maine identification card. Cards are available in the MaineCard office in basement of the Memorial Union (581-CARD). The office is open from 7:30-4:00 Monday through Friday. Faculty, staff, and full- and part-time students are eligible to use the MaineCard at many areas around campus. It is the only ID card needed on campus. If appropriate fees are paid, the MaineCard serves as a pass to facilities such as Recreational Sports, the Alfond Arena, and the Athletic Ticket Office. The MaineCard is required to check out books from Fogler Library, access many UM online databases, and copy machines in the library take the MaineCard as well. The MaineCard may also be used as a debit card for printing, at dining services and in the bookstore. The card may be “charged” online, at MaineCard Services at 130 Memorial Union or at other campus locations. Further details about the card are available online at

6.2 Parking on Campus

To park on campus, all motor vehicles must display a valid parking permit, valid state registration plate(s), valid state inspection sticker, and be in operable condition.

A fee is charged for parking permits and an application is available online at Permits are also available from 7:30-4:00 Monday-Friday at the MaineCard Services (581-2273) located at 130 Memorial Union. Temporary visitor permits valid for one day can be obtained during the weekdays from MaineCard Services in 130 Memorial Union, Bear Necessities in Alfond Arena and the Visitor Center in Buchanan Alumni House or at any time at the UMaine Police Department.

A map of parking areas is available online at Parking lots are color-coded and may be used only by those holding appropriate parking decals. Vehicles parked in violation of the parking rules are subject to impoundment and towing at the owner’s expense with no notification. For assistance after hours and on weekends, call the Public Safety Dispatcher at 581- 4040.

Full details on parking rules on campus are available online at

6.3 Campus Mail

Campus mail is used for internal university communications; no postage is necessary. The University pays non-campus mail postal charges only for mail that is essential to the programs and activities of the institution. Personal mail and private business mail require postage paid by the sender. U.S. postal boxes are conveniently located on campus, and there is a full-service post office in Memorial Union.

United States mail and campus mail are delivered in each campus building once each day. Outgoing University mail is collected in each building daily and is taken to the mailroom in the Public Affairs Building. Official University mail for delivery off campus should have an account number. This mail is processed in the Service Building with the cost assigned to the specific department. Use of the University postage meter for personal or private business mail is strictly prohibited.

Overnight mail services available from the campus include Federal Express and United Parcel Service. The Purchasing Department (581-2695) supplies information on locations, pick up times, and envelopes.

Tampering with campus or U.S. mail should be reported to Public Safety (581-4040), which will contact the Postal Inspectors as appropriate.

6.4 Telecommunications

The Telecommunication division of University Services – Information Technologies (IT) offers services ranging from voice telephone to video conferencing. Telecommunication is undergoing a reorganization as responsibilities are shifted from the University of Maine to the University of Maine System.

Telephones are programmed before they are installed and a user’s manual is available through the Information Technologies (  Changes to existing telephones require a departmental request or an IT work order.

An authorization code, typically obtained by departmental chairs for new faculty, is required to place a long distance phone call. Cellular phones may be purchased or rental through the telecommunication division.

Additional details on telecommunication services and procedures can be obtained by reviewing the Information Technologies web site ( or calling 581-1600.

6.5 Faculty Pay Schedule

Full-time and part-time regular faculty members receive their salary in twelve equal installments, September through August. Part-time temporary faculty teaching on a contract-per-course basis receive salary in September, October, November, and December for Fall semester courses and January, February, March, April, and May for Spring semester courses. Paychecks are issued on the last business day of the month. Paychecks may be deposited directly into a bank account if arrangements are made with the Payroll Office.

The Payroll Office is part of the Office of Human Resources and is located at 142 Corbett Hall (Phone: 581-1581). Forms including direct deposits, federal and state W-4, and request for summer salary retirement contributions can be obtained from the Office of Human Resources Payroll website (

6.6 Childcare Facilities on Campus

A range of childcare services is available to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Maine. A waiting list is maintained for all programs.

The University of Maine’s Children’s Center (581-4076) offers full-time licensed childcare for children six weeks through five years old. The Center is open from 7:30-5:30, Monday through Friday, for fifty-one weeks per year. Private fee childcare slots are reserved for University affiliated families . Further information is available online at

The Child Study Center (581-3272) follows the University Calender (14 week sessions during fall and spring semesters) and offers three options for half-day preschool programs for children between two-and-a-half and six years of age. It is open from 7:45-5:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and from 7:45-noon on Tuesday and Thursday. Online information is available at

The Child Development Learning Center (581-3123) offers both nursery school and prekindergarten programs for children between 33 months and five years of age. The Child Development Learning Center follows the University calendar, operating for 14 weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Online information is available at

6.7 University Housing

A limited number of one and two bedroom apartment units for students, faculty, and staff are located in University Park in Old Town, one mile from the University of Maine campus. Pets are not allowed in these units. The University Park Office (581-4854) handles the rentals. There is normally a waiting list for these apartments. Current rates, photographs, and other details are available online at

The Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Program (581-1734) maintains a database of house listings, provides a model lease, and legal lists resources for renters. These resources are available at

6.8 Auditoriums and Performance Spaces

6.8.1 Collins Center for the Arts (Hutchins Concert Hall)

The Collins Center for the Arts (Hutchins Concert Hall), dedicated in September 1986, with a major front of house renovation in 2007-2008, is the cultural focus of the University of Maine campus and the surrounding region. Hutchins Concert Hall is a multi-use space that seats 1,435 people. As a part of the University of Maine campus in Orono, Hutchins hosts a wide variety of events, presenting classical and contemporary music, dance, theater, comedy, ceremonies, and lectures. The Hutchins Concert Hall has two basic configurations to accommodate the variety of events presented: The theater/dance mode and the orchestral configuration. Complete information about the current performance season, including ticketing, is available online at

Contact information

Collins Center for the Arts

5746 Collins Center for the Arts

Orono, ME 04469 Box Office: 207-581-1755

FAX: 207-581-1837

The Collins Center for the Arts (MCA) also houses the Hudson Museum. Open from 9:00-4:00 Monday through Friday and 11:00-4:00 on Saturday. The Hudson Museum maintains a collection of over 8,000 ethnographic and archaeological objects including a world class assemblage of 2,828 Precolumbian ceramics, lithics and gold work dating from 2000 BC to the time of the Spanish Conquest. This collection is complemented by contemporary ethnographic objects from Mexico, Guatemala and Panama.

The North American collection includes Native American and Native Alaskan objects from the Northwest Coast, Arctic, Plains, Southwest and Northeast. The Maine Native American collection boasts 400 objects, including the largest institutional collection of Penobscot basket making tools in the region. Southwestern holdings include historic Pueblo pottery, Hopi kachinas, Navajo textiles, Pima and Havasupai basketry, Navajo and Zuni silverwork and contemporary art. Arctic holdings feature ethnographic clothing, tools and weapons.

The Museum displays several temporary exhibits each academic year. The Museum offers guided tours for University classes, lectures by distinguished anthropologists and archaeologists, staff assistance with directed research projects, internships, and teaching exhibits. Online information is available at

6.8.2 Other Auditoriums and Theaters

Information is available at

6.8.3 Minsky Music Recital Hall

A 276-seat recital hall, Minsky is primarily used by the Music Division for faculty recitals, ensemble performances and student recitals. The Theater/Dance division uses the space for a fall dance showcase of works in progress and has held staged readings.

6.8.3 Hauck Auditorium

The 546-seat Hauck Auditorium is the main location for student plays and dance recitals. It is the main stage for the School of Performing Arts.

6.8.4 The Al Cyrus Pavilion Theatre

An 89-seat 3/4 round theatre. The Pavilion is on the National Registry of Historic Buildings and was renovated from a livestock judging space. Some departmental shows are produced in the Pavilion, but it is mainly used for thesis and other student productions, including the popular Underdog and Upperdog performances.

6.9 Museum of Art

The Museum of Art of the University of Maine is located in Norumbega Hall on Central Street in downtown Bangor. One of the oldest and most distinguished land-grant university collections in the country, permanent holdings include nearly 6,000 works of art. Faculty may request artwork for their offices through the Museum (561-3350). Open Monday through Friday 10am-5pm. Further information on the museum is available online at

40 Harlow Street
Bangor, ME 04401-5102

 6.10 Recreational Facilities and Athletics

The University has an extensive number of recreational facilities: the Memorial Gym, Lengyel Gym, New Balance Student Recreation Center, Alfond Arena, and the Maine Bound Adventure Center. Recreational facilities are provided for students, faculty, and employees of the University of Maine. Student fees allow them access to recreational facilities. Faculty, employees, and the public may purchase membership passes that entitle them to similar privileges. Spouse and family passes are also available. Passes may be purchased New Balance Student Recreation Center. Online information is available at

Student intercollegiate athletics at the University of Maine include most major varsity sports, i.e., baseball, basketball, cross country, football, ice hockey, soccer, swimming/diving, and track and field for men and basketball, cross country, field hockey, ice hockey, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, track and field, and volleyball for women. A complete schedule of University student athletics is available online at Ticket information for University athletic events is also available online at or by calling 581- BEAR.

6.11   Reserved

6.12 University Information Technologies

Note: The following section is being updated on a continuing basis as the organization changes.  More current information is at: US:IT

6.12.1 Information Technologies (IT) at the University of Maine

Information Technologies is undergoing a reorganization as responsibilities shift from the University of Maine to University Services – Information Technologies administered by the University of Maine System.  The Computer Connection and the Repair Center are administered by Auxiliary Services at the University of Maine.

The Department of Information Technologies (IT) works closely with faculty, students, and staff to plan and implement facilities to ensure the University’s technological infrastructure. At the University of Maine, IT encompasses a variety of functions. Those related to computers include networking services, public clusters, andthe Computer Connection, the Help Center., the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning, and the Repair Center. Audio Visual Services, Video Production Technical Services, Training and Education Services, and Telecommunications Services also fall under IT’s mission. IT  at UMaine provides information on First Class, Antivirus, Blackboard,, wireless network and Passwords.

6.12.2 First Class

FirstClass offers campus-wide Macintosh and Windows point and click interface, personal e-mail, public and private electronic conferencing and discussion groups, Netnews and ListServ subscription services, online chatting with other users, and localized user support and training. Information on FirstClass is available at and

6.12.3 Computer Connection

The Computer Connection (581-2580) is the campus computer store. Low-cost computer equipment and peripherals are available to the campus community.  Computer Connection is located in the bookstore of the Memorial Union.

6.12.4 Help Center

The Help Center (581-2506) provides personal, e-mail, and telephone consultation on operating system, network connection, and common software problems for personal computers and peripherals. It also provides limited on-site support for software configuration problems and resources and assistance in use of specialized graphics processing equipment. See

6.12.5 Computer Repair Center

The personal computer and peripherals Repair Center (581-3282) provides bench-based, on-site repair and warranty support services for the campus and the Computer Connection at reasonable prices.  Further information is available online at

6.12.6 Other Information Technologies Services

The Information Technologies web site gives further information on other services the department offers including audiovisual and video services, networking, telecommunications, equipped classrooms, and workshops and seminars.

6.13 Fogler Library

The Raymond H. Fogler Library is the largest library in the state. Library collections are available online at

6.13.1 URSUS

URSUS is the online catalog ( of the University of Maine System libraries and other participating libraries, such as the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library and Bangor Public Library. URSUS contains directories of the majority of print and non-print materials, including books, serials, microforms, sound recordings, maps, government documents, and other audiovisual formats. Combined collections total over one million bibliographic records and over two million volumes. URSUS provides location and status information and a bibliographic description of each item.

6.13.2 Mariner

Mariner, with URL, is the gateway to electronic information created and maintained at the seven campuses of the University of Maine System Libraries. It provides access to Web sites and other online resources available through the UMS Libraries, the Maine State Library, Bangor Public Library, and the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library.

6.13.3 Library Checkout Privileges

Fogler Library is open for use to members of the university community and the public. Checkout privileges are reserved for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Maine System and Maine residents who apply for courtesy borrowing. The MaineCard is required for checkout; it must be linked to the library database to be valid. The Circulation desk at the library desk activates the MaineCard for first-time checkout of library materials. Faculty may check out most books for a semester; renewal is required to hold material longer than the initial period.

6.13.4 Interlibrary Loan

Items not held by Fogler Library are available through Interlibrary Loan. Services are limited to University of Maine faculty, staff, students, and corporate/research cardholders. Request forms may be submitted electronically, in person, or by mail.

Fogler Library now distributes a weekly newsletter via email to faculty. Anyone wishing not to receive this mailing may request that it not be sent. The Newsletter contains weekly items of interest to faculty members, updates on acquisitions or budget, and other items.

6.14 Recycling

Paper is the number one recyclable material generated in offices and classrooms campus-wide. Each office and classroom has one or more blue or green “Paper Only” recycling bins. All paper products are collected in the paper recycling bins. For additional information about recycling on campus see

6.15 Presidential Achievement Awards

The President of the University of Maine recognizes faculty for outstanding and distinguished service. Three achievement awards may be given each academic year to faculty or professional staff. Each awardee receives a medallion and $1500 at the Honors Convocation. Faculty or professional staff who receive a medallion may wear it at all official functions of the University.

6.15.1 Presidential Research and Creative Achievement Award

A faculty member who has attained distinction in research or creative achievement may receive this annual award. During the spring semester, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs solicits nominations. The Faculty Research Funds Committee reviews them and then makes recommendations to the President.

6.15.2 Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award

A tenured University of Maine faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to and ability in teaching, while maintaining a commitment to scholarship and public service may receive this annual award. The Provost solicits nominations during the spring semester. A committee of faculty, students, and administrators reviews the nominations and then makes recommendations to the President.

6.15.3 Presidential Public Service Achievement Award

A faculty or professional staff member who has demonstrated distinguished public service may receive this annual award. During the spring semester, the Provost solicits nominations. A committee of faculty and professional representatives screens the nominations and then makes recommendations to the President.

6.16  Teaching Services

6.16.1 Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Assessment, 229 Alumni Hall, is a resource for faculty. Its mission is to foster excellence in teaching and learning at the University of Maine.

6.16.2 Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (581-3333) is a help center specifically for supporting faculty who wish to integrate technology into their courses. It provides several high-end workstations and a staff to work with faculty. Seminars and grants are offered through the Center to assist faculty in completing technology projects. Online information is available at

6.16.3 Advance Rising Tide Center

Provide support for effective policies, programs, and professional development opportunities aimed at the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women faculty.