PhD Opportunity – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes


The Mona Lisa holding a Maine Arctic Charr
Come build your PhD Masterpiece!

Position: PhD Graduate Assistantship – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes

Location: Kinnison Lab, University of Maine, School of Biology and Ecology, (

Responsibilities: Conduct a doctoral dissertation incorporating two large datasets of genetic, trait, ecological and management histories of two fish species in Maine.  These include a unique 15-year dataset of genetic, trait, limnological, and mark-recapture data for a glacial relic population of Arctic charr at the southern extent of the species range, and a spatially expansive dataset of brook charr genotypes and population stocking histories throughout multiple watersheds. Analyses of these datasets would likely integrate diverse tools from population genetics, evolution, population dynamics, and community ecology. It is expected that core datasets could be supplemented by new surveys (including eDNA), experiments, ecological models, or genomics.  Themes would likely span basic and applied questions related to local adaptation, gene flow, eco-evolutionary dynamics, climate change, and conservation.

Qualifications: M.S or extensive B.S. research training in biology, ecology and evolution, fisheries, or related discipline. Experience with molecular genetic techniques or ecological modeling preferred. Must have excellent communication and quantitative skills (as demonstrated by GPA, GREs or other indicators).

Compensation: Starting annual grad stipend of ca. $20K per year (via Teaching and Research Assistantships), tuition, and ½ health insurance.

 Closing date:  Applications will be considered until a suitable candidate is hired

 Anticipated start date: 1 Sept 2016 Preferred

 Contact: Send a cover letter, CV, transcripts (unofficial are fine at this stage), GRE scores and email addresses for three professional references to Dr. Michael Kinnison: