Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics

PhD Opportunity – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes

  Position: PhD Graduate Assistantship – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes Location: Kinnison Lab, University of Maine, School of Biology and Ecology, ( Responsibilities: Conduct a doctoral dissertation incorporating two large datasets of genetic, trait, ecological and management histories of two fish species in Maine.  These include a unique 15-year dataset of genetic, trait, limnological, […]

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Zach Wood Tackles The Ecology and Evolution of Everything

Zachary Wood took the reigns at today’s Ecology and Evolution of Everything (EEE) Lunch group.  Rumor has it he took the name of the discussion group too literally and attempted to present an individual-based model of the ecology and evolution of everything. OK, it wasn’t quite that encompassing, but it came closer than most eco-evolutionary dynamics models […]

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EvoApps Lab Hosts Dr. Timothy Farkas

The lab hosted Dr. Tim Farkas, a postdoc from UConn, for this week’s School of Biology and Ecology seminar.  Tim gave a great talk on dispersal and maladaptation as drivers of eco-evolutionary dynamics in the stick insect Timema cristinae.  What a cool study system for observational and experimental approaches. Check out Tim’s website and publications […]

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