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PhD Assistantship – eDNA and aDNA Ecology of Clupeid Fishes

The EvoAppsLab is recruiting a PhD student to conduct dissertation research applying environmental DNA (eDNA) and ancient DNA (aDNA) approaches to understand the current and historical population, community and ecosystem dynamics of river herring and Atlantic herring in Maine, USA. These molecular approaches offer new capacity to study the dynamics of these ecologically, economically, and […]

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PhD Opportunity – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes

  Position: PhD Graduate Assistantship – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes Location: Kinnison Lab, University of Maine, School of Biology and Ecology, ( Responsibilities: Conduct a doctoral dissertation incorporating two large datasets of genetic, trait, ecological and management histories of two fish species in Maine.  These include a unique 15-year dataset of genetic, trait, limnological, […]

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Heather Arnett on Phone

Introducing Dr. Heather Arnett!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Dr. Heather Arnett!  Heather nicely defended her PhD dissertation on “Sources of Ecologically Important Trait Variation in Mosquitofish“, which included some very nice chapters on parallel and unique patterns of intra-generational and transgenerational phenotypic plasticity.  The breeding and rearing designs to pull off […]

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A frog and two salamanders from a vernal pool in Maine

Zach and Jared Write Bangor Daily News Article on Vernal Pools

Zach and Jared teamed up to write a local newspaper article discussing the vibrant life found in vernal pools across Maine and how the unique nature of these pools can nurture healthier forests and waterways.  Also check out the really nice amphibian pictures by Kristine Hoffman (including the photo featured here).  Jared is conducting major […]

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Maine lake in early spring

Zach Writes News Column on Lake Effects of Early Spring

Zach Wood has started writing a public interest column on aquatic ecology and other themes for the Bangor Daily News!  Check out his first article on implications of this year’s early spring for Maine’s lakes.  In this article Zach explains how an early spring can change lake dynamics by causing longer and stronger lake stratification. During stratification, […]

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Website Evolves for Darwin Day 2016

In celebration of Darwin Day 2016 the EvoApps Lab’s new website was launched today in the University of Maine’s WordPress format.  Lots of content and formatting to come.  Please be patient and check back soon!  – Mike

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Zach Wood Tackles The Ecology and Evolution of Everything

Zachary Wood took the reigns at today’s Ecology and Evolution of Everything (EEE) Lunch group.  Rumor has it he took the name of the discussion group too literally and attempted to present an individual-based model of the ecology and evolution of everything. OK, it wasn’t quite that encompassing, but it came closer than most eco-evolutionary dynamics models […]

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BBC Radio 4 Documentary on ‘Unnatural Selection’

An interview with Dr. Kinnison is included in the new BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Unnatural Selection’ with host Dr. Adam Hart.  Mike talks about how harvest drives faster trait changes in wild populations than in more natural contexts and highlights some neat research by David Philipp’s and Jason Vokoun’s labs on evolution of reduced aggressiveness in bass […]

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Jared Homola Awarded Waldron Fellowship

Congratulations to Jared Homola for being awarded one of only two Janet Waldron Doctoral Research Fellowships available in this year’s campus-wide competition.  This is one of, if not the, most competitive fellowships offered by the University of Maine and is awarded in large part based on a graduate student’s past and anticipated scholarship.  Jared’s many publications, presentations […]

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EvoApps Lab Hosts Dr. Timothy Farkas

The lab hosted Dr. Tim Farkas, a postdoc from UConn, for this week’s School of Biology and Ecology seminar.  Tim gave a great talk on dispersal and maladaptation as drivers of eco-evolutionary dynamics in the stick insect Timema cristinae.  What a cool study system for observational and experimental approaches. Check out Tim’s website and publications […]

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