Applied Evolution

PhD Opportunity – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes

  Position: PhD Graduate Assistantship – Ecological Genetics of Maine Fishes Location: Kinnison Lab, University of Maine, School of Biology and Ecology, ( Responsibilities: Conduct a doctoral dissertation incorporating two large datasets of genetic, trait, ecological and management histories of two fish species in Maine.  These include a unique 15-year dataset of genetic, trait, limnological, […]

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BBC Radio 4 Documentary on ‘Unnatural Selection’

An interview with Dr. Kinnison is included in the new BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘Unnatural Selection’ with host Dr. Adam Hart.  Mike talks about how harvest drives faster trait changes in wild populations than in more natural contexts and highlights some neat research by David Philipp’s and Jason Vokoun’s labs on evolution of reduced aggressiveness in bass […]

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