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Photo of Karen James outdoors with hat and walking poles in Siberia. Text reads "Meet Maine-eDNA's Research Coordinator"

Meet Maine-eDNA’s Research Coordinator, Karen James

By Daniel Timmermann In early 2022, Maine-eDNA brought on new research coordinator Karen James. This inclusion to the project will help Maine-eDNA coordinate the grant’s vast amount of work happening across the state. James brings with her a deep knowledge of genetics, environmental DNA (eDNA), and its application in marine and terrestrial habitats. While James […]

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Two people stand on a dock holding sampling materials while wearing raincoats.

Maine-eDNA Undergraduate Student Employment Opportunity

Undergraduate Student Employees Environmental DNA (eDNA) Maine-eDNA Full-time, starting May 2023 Overview: The Maine-eDNA program is seeking undergraduate students to join our team, a state-wide, multi-institutional initiative establishing Maine as a national leader in environmental monitoring, ecological understanding, and sustainability of coastal ecosystems (https://umaine.edu/edna/). Students will have the opportunity to participate through internship experiences in a […]

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Student Stories: Aubrey Jane

The close proximity to Maine’s beautiful beaches was just one perk among many that brought Aubrey Jane from Stanhope, New Jersey to the University of New England (UNE). UNE’s renowned reputation for marine science and their Marine Science Center inspired Jane to apply to the university.  Once at UNE, Jane applied to be a SEANET […]

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Student Stories: Susana DeFrank

Susana DeFrank is from the small coastal town of Temecula, California, and is pursuing her degree in marine biology at Maine Maritime Academy.  Over this past summer, DeFrank worked with two professors as a ME EPSCoR undergraduate intern. With these professors, she focused on studying potential predators of soft shell clams in the Northern Bay […]

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Young woman using oyster sorter designed from a plastic bucket on the Maine coast, Josephine Roussell, oyster farming, SEANET, Maine EPSCoR research

There’s a Hole in my Bucket: Innovations in Oyster Sorting

Innovation Brings Much-needed Help for Small-scale Oyster Farmers Small-scale oyster farms face a variety of challenges. One of the biggest is sorting oysters manually, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, especially with a small crew. One of Maine EPSCoR’s SEANET Bioregional Fellows, with the help of Dr. Joshua Stoll, has found a solution to […]

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Researcher of the Week: Gretchen Grebe

Gretchen Grebe is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Maine and SEANET Research Fellow in Theme 3: Innovations. Grebe received her undergraduate degree in Environmental and Latin American studies at Bates College, before moving on to the University of California at Santa Barbara to obtain her masters in Environmental Science and Management. Finally, she […]

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Researcher of the Week: Tyler Van Kirk

Tyler Van Kirk is a graduate researcher and SEANET Research Fellow in Theme 2: Changing Environments. Van Kirk received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine and went on to continue his studies as a graduate student at UMaine under Dr. Ian Bricknell. As an undergraduate, Van Kirk worked on a ME EPSCoR funded […]

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Researcher of the Week: Charlotte Quigley

Charlotte Quigley is a Ph.D. candidate of marine biology at the University of Maine and SEANET Research Fellow in Theme 2: Changing Environments. Quigley grew up on the coast of Massachusetts and has always had a love for the ocean. Before college she worked at the New England Aquarium, citing her favorite part as visiting […]

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Researcher of the Week: Avery Cole

Avery Cole is a masters student in the School of Economics at the University of Maine and a SEANET Research Fellow in Theme 4: Human Dimensions. As an undergrad, Cole spent two years at the University of Connecticut studying chemical engineering before he returned to Maine to study political science and math. After spending a […]

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Researcher of the Week: Brian Preziosi

Brian Preziosi is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maine and a SEANET Research Fellow in Theme 2: Changing Environments. Preziosi’s research is primarily concerned with environmental impacts on invertebrates, specifically looking at sediment acidification as it influences the behavior and health of adult razor clams in the state of Maine. This work has […]

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