Photo of four individuals stand on dock practicing index sampling.

Maine-eDNA Students Make Headway on Sampling Index Sites Over the Summer

By Attis Bielecki, ME EPSCoR Student Writer EPSCoR’s Maine-eDNA program acts as a hub of research that is searching for the uses and limitations of environmental DNA (eDNA). Many graduate students are conducting research on this program; Sharon Mann from the Ecology and Environmental Science department and Emily Pierce from the Marine Science department are […]

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Maine EPSCoR Logo

Where are They Now! Catching up with past Maine EPSCoR participants

Brianne Suldovsky, was a valuable member of the Maine EPSCoR research community during her graduate studies. Suldovsky completed her Ph.D. in communications from the University of Maine in 2016, where she simultaneously worked with the Maine EPSCoR office. At Maine EPSCoR Suldovsky worked as a graduate research assistant on two projects, the Sustainability Solutions Initiative […]

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Maine eDNA Logo

New Faculty Hire: Chaofan Chen

By Attis Bielecki, ME EPSCoR Student Writer Dr. Chaofan Chen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maine in the School of Computing and Information Science. He joined the National Science Foundation EPSCoR RII Track-1 award, Maine-eDNA, in September 2020. With his Ph.D. in computer science from Duke University, he is guiding data science […]

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Maine-eDNA Faculty Launch New Class

By Attis Bielecki, ME EPSCoR Student Writer In 2021, a new graduate class in the Ecology and Environmental Sciences program at the University of Maine, led by assistant professors Andrew Rominger and Erin Grey, found great success in informing students around environmental DNA (eDNA). Rominger and Grey recently joined UMaine with financial support from the […]

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Blue crabs climb on top of each other

New Faculty Hire: Erin Grey

Erin Grey is an Assistant Professor at the University of Maine in the School of Biology and Ecology. She has a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Chicago and more recently she was an Associate Professor of Biology at Governor State University. Grey came to UMaine to conduct research under Maine EPSCoR’s […]

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Rene Francolini holds seaweed above her head.

Studying the Kelp Populations in the Gulf of Maine with Rene Francolini

By Caty DuDevoir, Maine EPSCoR Media Intern Kelp forests and the kelp aquaculture industry are becoming increasingly important to Maine’s working waterfront. Studying the relationship between kelp forests and climate change ensures that there can be a level of responsibility when farming kelp for aquaculture businesses. Rene Francolini, a University of Maine Marine Biology Ph.D. […]

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White shark swims in water.

Investigating White Sharks’ Role in the Gulf of Maine with Kyle Oliveira

By Caty DuDevoir, Maine EPSCoR Media Intern Traditionally, white sharks in the northwest Atlantic are found in Cape Cod and Nova Scotia waters, but little is known of their presence in the Gulf of Maine (GoM). Situated between both areas, one would suspect some presence of the species in Maine, especially with increasing temperatures in […]

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