Maine EPSCoR Spring 2022 Newsletter

The Maine EPSCoR Spring 2022 Newsletter is out now. This newsletter covers some of the amazing work happening across Maine EPSCoR from new classes, and partnerships to partnerships and sampling efforts. We also take a look at SEA NET, Maine EPSCoR’s last Track-1 grant, and its long lasting impact.

Spring 2022 Newsletter:


Featured Stories:

Developing Innovative Partnerships: How the Maine-eDNA program may impact Maine’s Department of Transportation

A Living Legacy, How SEANET lives on through its innovations, discoveries, and past participants

Maine-eDNA Students Make Headway on Sampling Index Sites Over the Summer

Where are They Now! Catching up with past Maine EPSCoR participants

The Language of Maps: The biography of the species adaptation process under climate change and its effects on cultural evolution

New Faculty Hire: Chaofan Chen

Maine-eDNA Faculty Launch New Class

Overcoming the Unpredictable: How one summer outreach program adapted in the face of COVID-19 restrictions

New Faculty Hire: Erin Grey