Special Programs in Literacy

Reading Recovery®

Program overview
The UMaine College of Education and Human Development is a nationally affiliated Reading Recovery Training Center, providing initial training and ongoing professional development for teacher leaders and teachers, as well as ongoing support for implementation at affiliated Reading Recovery sites. Interested applicants must have the involvement of the superintendent and school board in order to apply for teacher leader or teacher training. Reading Recovery coursework may be applied to graduate programs if approved by one’s faculty advisor.

Program delivery
Courses for Reading Recovery teacher training consist of two 3-credit courses spanning a school year:

  • EEL 598 Reading Recovery Teacher Training I
  • EEL 599 Reading Recovery Teacher Training II

Teacher Leader training requires a year-long training of 24 graduate credits:

  • EEL 655/656 Seminar: Issues Related to Reading Recovery Theory and Practice
  • EEL 657/658 Reading Recovery Internship
  • EEL 659/660 Reading Recovery Practicum, and additional coursework in literacy interventions

The Reading Recovery Training Center also provides initial training and support for a portfolio of literacy interventions for PreK-12 teachers in instructional tiers 1-4 of a comprehensive literacy model. Courses offered on campus or in affiliated Reading Recovery sites include:

  • EEL 561/562 Literacy Processing: How Students Learn to Read and Write
  • EEL 596/596 Literacy Lessons™ Teacher Training
  • EEL 652/653 Intervention Designs for Struggling Learners
  • EEL 646/647 Dyslexia Studies within a Literacy Processing Framework

Other classes are offered periodically; contact the University Training Center for Reading Recovery and Comprehensive Literacy for more information.

Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy (MPCL)

Program overview
Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy at the University of Maine is a PreK-12 Tier I continuous school improvement model. The model is dedicated to increasing the academic achievement of all students through ongoing professional development for educators. Literacy achievement is the tool used for measuring school improvement in four related areas: student learning, teacher perceptions, school climate and school processes.

MPCL affiliated schools establish a partnership with the University Training Center at UMaine to create a system for successful literacy education. This commitment includes:

Training and support of a literacy coach within the school
Collection of data to monitor the progress of every student
Provision of safety nets for at-risk students
Development of a school leadership team
Establishment of a long-term professional development plan that includes every teacher

Interested MPCL coach applicants must have a master’s degree and secure the approval of the building principal and district superintendent.

Program delivery
MPCL coach coursework requires a yearlong, nine credit course of study provided by the MPCL Trainer, including:

  • EEL 580/581 Theoretical Perspectives within MPCL Coaching I & II
  • EEL 582/583 Clinical Practices in MPCL Coaching I & II
  • EEL 585 Reflective Practice in MPCL Coaching is also offered on a regular basis

The MPCL coach provides ongoing professional development for teachers at the school site, while the school team oversees and monitors the learning of all students. University of Maine graduate courses are taught at the school level by the MPCL coach. These courses include:

  • EEL 553/554 Literacy Teaching and Learning I & II
  • EEL 552 An Exploration of Writer’s Workshop in PreK-12 Classrooms
  • EEL 554 An Exploration of Reader’s Workshop in PreK-12 Classrooms
  • EEL 556 An Exploration of Language Workshop in PreK-12 Classrooms

The school and coach maintain a partnership with the MPCL Trainer for ongoing professional development and implementation support.

Tuition and fees
For current information about tuition and fees, please visit the Bursar’s office.

To apply
For further information, contact the University Training Center for Reading Recovery and Comprehensive Literacy: 207.581.2493 or umaine.edu/maineliteracy.

UTC Staff

Reading Recovery®
Mary Rosser, Director and Reading Recovery Trainer
Michelle McAnuff Gumbs, Associate Professor of Literacy

Maine Partnerships in Comprehensive Literacy
Debra Lewis Hogate, Ph.D., MPCL Trainer

Administrative support
Katherine (Kathie) Wing, Administrative Specialist CL2