Maine Schools in Focus

Maine Schools in Focus: Addressing Educational Inequality—The Power of Public Preschools

Research reports are now emerging that track the long-term effects of preschool learning. The early start that educationally disadvantaged children get in preschool appears to offset the long-standing patterns of educational inequality that have plagued our schools—a pattern where poorer children enter kindergarten one year behind their wealthier peers and often fall further behind as their schooling continues.

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Maine Schools in Focus: What Is a Reasonable ‘Leadership Load’ For Our Principals?

The state of Maine sets the PreK-to-5 student-to-principal ratio at 305 students to one principal. In doing so, it ignores the numbers of staff our principals actually need to lead and supervise. When all the responsibilities of principalship are considered, local districts often surpass state recommendations. What is an appropriate “leadership load” for our principals?

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