Flanagan, Mills co-author piece for Maine Educator about inclusive writing instruction strategies for teachers

University of Maine assistant professor of special education Sara Flanagan and senior lecturer of education Tammy Mills wrote an article that was published in the Winter 2024 edition of Maine Educator, a publication of the Maine Education Association. The article, “Writing Strategies for All Students,” details an explicit instruction (EI) approach to teaching writing to K-12 students. Flanagan and Mills wrote that EI “provides a systematic, structured approach to teach any topic by providing a model then practicing together, in pairs or groups, and independently.” They add that it “is particularly effective when introducing a new topic or one with multiple components, or when students may not understand the needed prerequisite skills.” The article includes specific strategies that can be used with EI, such as reviewing background information, including writing-related vocabulary prior to instruction; using models or examples of finished writing samples and implementing technology supports that teachers can incorporate into their lessons. The print edition of the article includes a sample lesson plan sequence that teachers can use in their classrooms.