College of Education and Human Development seeks feedback from teacher prep alumni

The University of Maine College of Education and Human Development is conducting a review of three components of our teacher preparation programs, and is seeking feedback from graduates of those programs.

One of the components is our compliance with the spirit of LD 291, the 2001 Maine law which requires that Maine Native American history and culture — also known as Wabanaki Studies — be taught in all Maine schools. We are considering changes in the experiences, curriculum and/or coursework of our teacher preparation programs to better prepare our graduates to teach Wabanaki Studies in Maine. We would greatly appreciate your responses to our brief (7 question) survey, which we estimate will take 10 minutes to complete. The survey is for program improvement purposes only, and results will not be shared with anyone other than those persons directly involved with our teacher preparation programs. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

To take the LD 291 survey, click here.

We are also seeking input from recent graduates. The Recent Graduate survey is designed to provide the UMaine College of Education and Human Development with information about the effectiveness of first-, second- and third-year teachers prepared by our institution. Your feedback will assist us in making program improvements and meeting the requirements of our national and state accreditation. The indicators used in this survey are adapted from the Maine Beginning Teacher Standards (MBTS) and the InTASC Standards, which are nationally recognized as indicators of teacher quality. These standards are also consistent with the evaluation used for these individuals during their field experiences and their clinical experiences. Your responses to this survey will not be shared with anyone employed by your school or district. Survey results will be aggregated and then provided to the COEHD data team to inform the college’s continuous improvement initiatives. Your feedback is very important to us and our current and future teacher candidates.

To take the Recent Graduate survey, click here.