Tulsa World cites UMaine study in article on high school hazing

Tulsa World cited a 2008 University of Maine study in an article about shining a light on hazing in high school athletics. Last year, the Associated Press discovered more than 70 cases of sexual assault perpetrated by high school athletes on teammates over a five-year period, according to the article. “I talked to a parent whose son was hazed on a high school lacrosse team. He did not want his parents to report it,” said Mary Madden, a former co-director of the National Collaborative for Hazing Research and Prevention at UMaine who co-wrote the National Study of Student Hazing with colleague Elizabeth Allan, a professor of higher education. “This is not uncommon,” she said. “He didn’t want to tattle on his teammates regardless of how ashamed he was or hurt he was that his friends stood around and watched this happen to him. He didn’t want to be that person that broke the silence and got people in trouble.”