Congratulations! Libra Visiting Professor Dr. Christine Sleeter

Christine SleeterCongratulations Dr. Christine Sleeter our College’s Libra Visiting Professor for the 2015-2016 academic year!

Dr. Sleeter is Professor Emerita, University of California at Monterey Bay, is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading authority on multicultural education and diversity. Her area of specialization is preparing effective teachers for an increasingly diverse PreK-12 student population. This has two dimensions: (1) preparing white, middle class teachers to be more aware of the needs of and more effective in teaching students from diverse racial and ethnic groups and/or from lower income families; and (2) promoting more social and cultural diversity in the teacher workforce. Dr. Sleeter has written and spoken extensively on these and related topics, and has been a leader of the National Association for Multicultural Education and the American Educational Research Association with respect to multicultural education initiatives. See the attached short bio for further information about Christine’s background and accomplishments. You can also learn more about Christine from visiting her blog, (Note: I wrote a guest blog for her blog this summer.)

Dr. Sleeter will be visiting UMaine for two weeks during the coming academic year: Monday through Friday, Nov 16-20, and Thursday through Wednesday, March 31 through April 6. The Libra proposal calls for Christine to speak to and interact with a variety of students, faculty, staff, and community people. We look forward to meeting you!