Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Internship Program will no longer be accepting applications as it will be closing in August 2024

August 2023- August 2024
APA – Fully Accredited*

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About our Program

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The primary aim  of our Internship is to prepare psychologists who are capable of and committed to providing ethical, professional, and socially-just psychological services. To achieve this goal we support the interns’ personal and professional development in  the various roles they will be required to fulfill. Fundamental to each of these roles are the intra- and and interpersonal  skills required in psychotherapy, crisis intervention, group facilitation, outreach, consultation and other professional activities. Consequently, the development and refinement of these skills are emphasized throughout the internship.  The intern functions as a full colleague with senior staff and is expected to participate in the clinical services and other professional activities of the Center.  We attempt to individualize the internship experience  so that special needs or skills of each intern can be explored or enhanced.

The internship training program at the Counseling Center is well-respected nationally, with approximately 50 applicants applying each year for our two internship positions. We have been an APA-accredited Doctoral Internship since 1981. Because interns come from a variety of universities and professional schools all across the nation, our Center is enriched with new ideas and fresh energy every year. The internship program offered by the Counseling Center at the University of Maine is designed to provide an intensive professional training experience in the varied activities carried out by professionals in an active counseling center. This training is supervised by a multidisciplinary staff . Doctoral level graduate students in accredited clinical and counseling psychology programs are eligible to apply. A stipend of approximately $39,340 is offered as well as University benefits and vacation.

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