Internship Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

Date Program Tables are Updated:  October 24, 2022

Program Disclosures

Internship Program Admissions

Briefly describe in narrative form important information to assist potential applicants in assessing their likely fit with your program. This description must be consistent with the program’s policies on intern selection and practicum and academic preparation requirements

As you consider whether this program is a fit for you, please review the full statement of our programs Aims and Approach to Training (at this link).  Interns are viewed as colleagues, so as we review applications we look for evidence of strong interpersonal and written communication skills, self-awareness, openness to learning, initiative, and maturity.  We also look for multicultural sensitivity and effective intercultural communication skills.  We expect interns to be interested in clinical work as well as our outreach and education efforts.  Prior testing experience is useful but not required.  We take seriously the intersection of the professional and personal.  Learning about how we function and how others perceive us functioning is an important part of our training that we believe prepares us to be more effective practitioners and colleagues.  In the service of this ideal, we are a process oriented staff.  Staff and interns do explore such issues in one-on-one and group settings.

Does the program require that applicants have received a minimum number of hours of the following at time of application? If Yes, indicate how many:

Total Minimum Direct Contact Intervention Hours Yes 400
Total Direct Contact Assessment Hours No
Describe any other required minimum criteria used to screen applicants
Applicants for the internship should be doctoral candidates from APA or CPA-Accredited Counseling or Clinical Psychology graduate programs. (We may consider those from programs in the process of accreditation.) Each applicant should have completed all pre-internship requirements of their university before the internship starting date. Additionally, the dissertation proposal must be defended before the start of internship.

We strongly prefer two semesters of work in a counseling center before start of Internship or an explanation of your interest in this type of site and population.

Financial and Other Benefit Support for Upcoming Training Year

Annual Stipend for Full-time Interns $39,340
Annual Stipend for Half-time Interns N/A
Program provides medical insurance Yes
Trainee contribution to medical insurance (majority of the cost covered by the university) Yes
Coverage for family members available Yes
Coverage of legally married partner available Yes
Coverage domestic partner available Yes
Hours of annual Paid Personal Time Off
(13.33 hrs accrued per month)
160 hours
Hours of Annual Paid Sick Leave
(13.33 hrs accrued per month)
160 hours
In the advent of medical conditions and/or family needs that require extended leave, does program allow reasonable unpaid leave to interns in excess of personal time off and sick leave? Yes


Other Benefits
In addition to personal and disability leave, among the other benefits that interns receive as members of the UMPSA collective bargaining unit are:  thirteen holidays, participation in TIAA retirement. Health, vision and dental insurance, membership in the university’s recreation center; tuition reduction for self, spouse, and dependents for courses taken at UMaine.
Note:  Programs are not required by the Commission on Accreditation to provide all benefits listed in this table.


Initial Post-Internship Positions
(Preceding Three Internship Cohorts: 2018-20)

Total # of interns who were in the 3 cohorts 9
Total # of interns who remain in training in the internship program 0
Residency Program
Employed Position
Academic Teaching 0 0
Community mental health center 0 1
Consortium 0 0
University Counseling Center 2 0
Hospital / Medical Center 0 0
Veterans Affairs Health Care System 0 0
Psychiatric facility 0 1
Correctional facility 0 0
Health maintenance organization 0 0
School district / system 0 0
Independent practice setting 3 1
Other 0 1

Important Information:

Formal employment offers at UMaine are extended ONLY after 1) the intern candidate has matched with our site, and 2) has given permission for and passed a background check conducted by our University Police Department.  Information about this process is sent by the Department of Human Resources after the match is completed.

The University of Maine does not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, including transgender status and gender expression, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status in employment, education, and all other programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies: Director, Office of Equal Opportunity, 101 North Stevens Hall, 581.1226,


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