The Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center

Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center

Events & hospitality at UMaine’s interdisciplinary experiential learning center

The IMRC Center’s multifunction rooms, event spaces, classrooms, research labs, and maker spaces provide a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for events, presentations, interdisciplinary research, innovation, experimentation, commercialization, creative arts, and co-curricular activities.

IMRC Center facilities have been designed to provide students, faculty, and guests with opportunities to utilize resources, spaces, and equipment that encourage innovation, decision making, critical analysis, synthesis, and reflection.

The Allen 54′ and Sally 55′ Fernald Adaptive Presentation & Performance Environment is a multifunction and modular space that can be utilized in its full volume (125 persons) or partitioned into smaller production, experimentation, and presentation areas.

This modular environment can support many different projects, goals, and outcomes such as installations, galleries, construction, testing and experimentation, filming and sound staging, photography, musical recording, production and performance, theatre, dance, and classroom and co-curricular use.

Additionally, the Fernald Adaptive Presentation and Performance Environment is outfitted with the technology necessary for groups or individuals to provide an excellent exhibition and presentation, ideal for unveiling, discussing, and recognizing projects, research, artworks, and performances.

Movable walls, curtains, scrims, and windows, adjustable sound and lighting devices, freeform seating for up to 75 persons, and a retractable exterior wall for outdoor facing projection or performance (weather permitting) encourage innovative uses for the space.

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Event Space Features

16 workstation iMac computer lab with presenter podium, projector, screen, and speakers

15 seat videoconference room with large format display, table microphones, and adjustable room camera

Adaptive training classroom and breakout room with seating for up to 25, four 4K displays, projection, screen, and speakers

Large brightly lit foyer with large flat panel display and ample space for gathering and refreshments

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