Educational Interventions

Sanctions for Academic Misconduct

The following is a list of possible academic sanctions that may be imposed upon students for violations of academic integrity.

All sanctions in this section include the creation of a disciplinary file.

  1. The faculty member can impose appropriate grade penalties up to and including F or zero grades on an assignment, exam or paper, and/or in one or more courses. Faculty members may be permitted to exercise discretion in prescribing lesser penalties or additional academic tasks appropriate to allow the student to complete a course and thereby receive a grade representing demonstrated knowledge of the course.
  2. The faculty member, the Dean, or other appropriate academic administrator may impose other academic actions as may be appropriate (e.g. referral to the academic program for consideration of continuance in that program).
  3. Recommended educational interventions:
·       UMS Academy Learning Module on Academic Integrity.
·       Participation in the Academic Integrity Seminar Series