New Transfer Commuter Students


Congratulations on your acceptance to the University of Maine. Commuter and Non-Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) wants to welcome you to UMaine and assist you in having a successful university experience. You will be joining the 63% of UMaine undergraduates who live off campus. CNTSP provides services and resources for these commuters and wants to help you get involved and feel at home at UMaine.

Please note if you are actually a commuting non-traditional (over 24 years old, parent, married, veteran) student you may want to consider the slightly different summer orientation schedule. See the CNTSP web site; Summer Orientation for Non -Traditional Students for more information.

By now you may have received an invitation to the UMaine 2018 Summer/June Orientation program for newly admitted students. The Summer Orientation is designed to assist you as a transfer student to learn more about the campus resources available to you as well as help you plan your academic program.

Each summer orientation session includes a special meeting for new student/ transfer commuters. These sessions are designed to help you learn about CNTSP and the resources and programs available to you as a commuter. Please plan to attend this meeting on Day One at 2:30 – 2:55 p.m.

Even though you are a commuter student you are invited to stay overnight in the residence hall where you will meet other new students in your academic college. If you choose not to stay overnight, be sure to stay through the Academic Advising meeting and you are encouraged to return for the Day Two activities

Register for the Summer Orientation session that you plan to attend Be sure to select the session designated for your College or Program.

You will also want to plan to attend the New Student-Commuter Welcome Day on August  29, 2019 , in the Commuter lounge, Memorial Union. This is a special welcome day designed to meet the needs of new students who will be living off campus.

As I mentioned, Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) wants to assist you as a new student at UMaine. I encourage you to check out our web site at to learn about the services and programs we provide and be sure to drop by the Commuter Lounge at the Wade Center on the ground floor of Memorial Union any time.

Congratulations again on your acceptance to UMaine. I look forward to meeting you.

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