Tools & Resources


  • Agriculture Weather & Climate Apps: visit Farms.Com for a variety of options including Climate FIELDVIEW and the ColdSnap! Frost Alarm.
  • Climate Hubs Tool Shed: this USDA database lists tools intended to help land managers incorporate climate change into their decision-making.
  • Climate Smart Farming: this Cornell University-based site features useful farming decision-support tools including water deficit and freeze risk calculator for anywhere in the Northeast USA.
  • Crop Progress and Condition Reports: this USDA NASS report includes degree days, temperature, precipitation, crop planting progress, crop development and harvesting progress for New England.

Pest & Disease Forecasts

  • Ag-Radar for Apples: this UMaine Extension tool uses weather forecasts to inform pest management.
  • Blight Forecasting: this UMaine Extension site provides early and late blight disease forecasts.
  • Mummy Berry Forecasting Method:  this UMaine Extension tool uses weather forecasts to improve control of the mummy berry disease in wild blueberry.  Forecasts updates are posted here.

Agricultural Adaptation Resources

Climate Change Resources – Maine

  • Maine’s Climate Future Report: 2020 Update. This report outlines Maine’s climate history and delves into implications of predicted 21st century climate change for Maine people. Earlier versions of the report are available at the same site.
  • Maine Climate News: this UMaine Climate Change Institute website is updated periodically with new climate information.
  • Maine Climate Council: scientists, industry leaders, bipartisan local and state officials, and engaged citizens working to address the effects of climate change on our state. ‘Maine Won’t Wait’ (Dec. 2020) is their four-year plan for climate action in Maine.
  • Maine Climate Council’s Natural and Working Land Working Group: evaluates and recommends short- and long-term mitigation strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Maine’s natural and working lands sectors (e.g. agriculture and forestry).
  • Gulf of Maine Council Climate Network: this website features resources for climate-smart land use planning.

Climate Change Resources – National

General Agricultural Resources