Tools & Resources


  • Agriculture Weather & Climate Apps: visit Farms.Com for a variety of options including Climate FIELDVIEW and the ColdSnap! Frost Alarm.
  • Climate Hubs Tool Shed: this USDA database lists tools intended to help land managers incorporate climate change into their decision-making.
  • Climate Smart Farming: this Cornell University-based site features useful farming decision-support tools including water deficit and freeze risk calculator for anywhere in the Northeast USA.
  • Crop Progress and Condition Reports: this USDA NASS report includes degree days, temperature, precipitation, crop planting progress, crop development and harvesting progress for New England.

Pest & Disease Forecasts

  • Ag-Radar for Apples: this UMaine Extension tool uses weather forecasts to inform pest management.
  • Blight Forecasting: this UMaine Extension site provides early and late blight disease forecasts.
  • Mummy Berry Forecasting Method:  this UMaine Extension tool uses weather forecasts to improve control of the mummy berry disease in wild blueberry.  Forecasts updates are posted here.

Agricultural Adaptation Resources

Climate Change Resources – Maine

Climate Change Resources – National

General Agricultural Resources