Our Mission:

To increase communication and identify challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions regarding climate and Maine agriculture.

Why this matters:
Agricultural producers in Maine have always had to manage for weather risks.  Climate change effects on Maine weather can reduce farm income or increase costs, but may also create new opportunities.  Private and public stakeholders working at the farm, state, and regional level can share experience and knowledge to meet the new challenges and opportunities brought by a changing climate.
Who we are:
The Maine Climate and Agriculture Network (MECAN) is a group of individuals organized through the University of Maine who recognize the importance of climate and weather impacts on agriculture.  Participation is open to all who wish to contribute to our shared mission. 
What we do:
MECAN meets monthly (Sept-May) to discuss current issues, plan projects, and foster connections among members. We create fact sheets, plan in-person and virtual educational programming, and conduct collaborative research.
Interested in Joining? 
Meetings are usually the third Tuesday of the month during the academic calendar from noon-1pm in 118 Deering Hall when in-person or by zoom when remote. For more information contact birkel@maine.edu.