Fact Sheets

Technical Reports

  • Maine wild blueberry growers: A 2010 economic and sociological analysis of a traditional Downeast crop in transition. Rose, A., Drummond, F.A., Yarborough, D.E., & Asare, E. Maine Agricultural & Forest Experiment Station (2013) Miscellaneous Report 445. MR445
  • Growing season parameter reconstructions for New England using killing frost records, 1697-1947. Baron, W.R., & Smith, D.C. Maine Agricultural Experiment Station (1996) Bulletin 846. B846
  • New England killing frost records by zone. Baron, W.R., & Smith, D.C. Maine Agricultural Experiment Station (1996) Miscellaneous Report 731. MP731

 Scientific Review Papers

  • Climate change effects on livestock in the Northeast US and strategies for adaptation.  Hristov, A.N., Degaetano, A.T., Rotz, C.A. et al. Climatic Change (2018) 146: 33.
  • Vulnerability of forests of the Midwest and Northeast United States to climate change.  Swanston, C., Brandt, L.A., Janowiak, M.K. et al. Climatic Change (2018) 146: 103.
  • Unique challenges and opportunities for northeastern US crop production in a changing climate. Wolfe, D.W., DeGaetano, A.T., Peck, G.M. et al. Climatic Change (2018) 146: 231.