Getting the Most Out of the Engineering Job Fair!

UMaine Engineering Job Fair

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
New Balance Student Recreation Center
10:00 am – 3:00 pm


Now that you are aware of the what, when, and where of the UMaine Career Center’s upcoming annual event, we would like to share more on the who, how, and why.  The Career Center wants our students and employers who attend the annual Engineering Job Fair to always have a wonderful experience. For this reason alone, we feel it is extremely appropriate (and to your advantage) that we share some information with you before October 16th.

So far, there are 167 employers signed up to attend and we predict there will be more registrations up until the day of the event. These organizations are looking to fill full-time, part-time, and internship positions.

We need UMaine students to help make this a successful event!  The Career Center asks companies to be a part of our Engineering Job Fair in order to give students (whether you are a first-year or senior) an opportunity. If you are looking for an internship for course credit or a full-time job for when you graduate, the Engineering Job Fair provides great opportunities for the students who attend it.

Worried about not having a resume or your resume not being up-to-date? Have no fear, the Career Center is open Monday-Friday from 8am – 4:30pm and we are more than happy to take a look at your resume before the Engineering Job Fair. Career counselors will sit down with you, look over your resume, and work with you to highlight your best professional assets. If you feel that you are strapped for time, drop by during our walk-in times: Monday – 1pm-4pm, Tuesday – 1pm-4pm, Wednesday – 1pm-4pm, Thursday – 9am-12pm, Friday – 9am-12pm. We will also offer extended times for walk-ins before the Engineering Job Fair.  This will be posted on the website and FaceBook. You could also make an appointment with a career counselor if you are unsure of Engineering Job Fair etiquette—we have many resources in our office regarding appropriate professional attire and other etiquette tips.

Are you wondering how to get the most out of the Engineering Job Fair? Surely, it will be a different experience for all who attend depending on where you are at in your career here at UMaine. Please read on for some suggestions to consider before going to this year’s Engineering Job Fair.

First-Year, Sophomore and Junior Students:

This Engineering Job Fair will give you the chance to explore different career opportunities, ask lots of questions and find out about possible internships.  You will also be able to begin networking, which will be important in helping you reach your career goals.

Seniors and Graduate Students:

This is your chance to network, make contacts and find out about full-time career opportunities.  Bring plenty of resumes!

Step-By-Step Suggestions for ALL Students:

  • Get the app! Download the “Symplicity Jobs and Careers” app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Use the app to identify companies attending and choose your “top 10” to help you organize your time at the fair. You can also filter companies by the types of positions and the majors they are recruiting.
  • Check in at the Career Center’s registration table and pick up handouts describing who the employer participants are, where their tables are located and which employers are specifically interested in talking with students in YOUR major. Make sure to bring your MaineCard to Sign-in!
  • Budget your time carefully. Determine which companies or organizations interest you.  It may be a good idea to take a quick walk around to find out where the companies are located and to take a few minutes to jot down questions you may want to ask the representative(s). Being well prepared will help you in case you become nervous and forget what you intended to say.
  • Polish your personal brand! Utilize the Career Center to develop your best resumes and cover letters, practice your “pitch” and talk strategies to best present your skills to the employers attending the fair.
  • Be sure to speak clearly when asking questions.
  • Take copies of your resume for distribution.
  • Be sure to thank the representative(s) for taking the time to speak with you.
  • Pick up business cards and any pamphlets the organizations have on display. These materials will give you additional information about the organizations.
  • Above all, enjoy yourself and learn as much as you can!