University of Maine Workforce Partners Program

University of Maine Graduate School of Business Workforce and Preferred Partners programs have been developed to help Maine employers recruit, retain, and develop the next generation of business leaders. With tuition discounts, on campus recruitment opportunities, workshops and events, and eliminated fees, prospective students and employers alike will benefit from the state’s premier MBA program.

The Workforce Partners Program: Solving Maine’s Executive Workforce Shortage

Maine’s workforce is changing. With the creation of new jobs and industries throughout Maine, leadership transitions, and a wave of expected retirements, Maine is on the cusp of a workforce shortage for skilled executive-level leadership. 

  • Starting in 2021, experienced professionals retiring out of the Maine workforce will begin to outnumber young Maine adults entering into their careers. 
  • Demand for workers with executive-level business leadership skills is projected to grow by more than 100 jobs per year over the next 10 years.

The University of Maine’s Graduate School of Business has stepped in to foster the future business workforce of Maine through the MaineMBA Workforce Partners Program. Through the Workforce Partners Program, Maine employers will develop the next generation of skilled executive leaders, while both employers and employees take advantage of significant cost savings and other benefits. 

Workforce Partners Program benefits are available to any employee of any active member of any State of Maine Chamber of Commerce.

Benefits for Employees

  • 12% tuition discount off UMaine graduate business courses
  • Streamlined admissions for the MaineMBA, Graduate Certificate in Business, or the Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
  • Zero application fees 
  • Dedicated Workforce Partner academic advising 
  • Access to workshops, webinars, and professional development events

Benefits for Employers

  • On-campus and online recruitment opportunities
  • Access to undergraduate and graduate-level interns
  • Free Job posting access among current MBA students and alumni network

Employer Commitments

As a participant, employers are encouraged to: 

  • Reference the MaineMBA as an employee benefit on their internal website
  • Provide the Graduate School of Business permission to use the organization name and logo in marketing and promotional materials
  • Review and provide annual feedback on the Workforce Partners program

How to get started:

First: Confirm with your supervisor or HR office that your employer is a current member of any Maine Chamber of Commerce

Second: Apply and be admitted to an eligible graduate degree:

Third: Submit the Workforce Partners Form two weeks prior to the start of the term

Finally: Set up a meeting with your advisor to register for classes

Eligible Chambers of Commerce

Any active member of the following State of Maine Chambers of Commerce are eligible, including out of state members of Maine chambers:

Interested in learning more? Email us at or call 207-581-1973.

Workforce Partners Program