Internship Stories: Maggie Healy at UMaine ASCC

Name: Maggie Healy, Class of 2021
Major: Marketing with a concentration in Management Information Systems 
Internship Placement: University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center 

Why did you choose to participate in an Internship at ASCC?

I chose to work here because I believe the Advanced Structures and Composites Center offers a great learning environment. According to their website, they employ more than 100 undergraduate students per year from a wide variety of majors. It seems like the ASCC managers value student success and providing a hands-on learning experience that aligns with coursework. 

What were you tasked with as an intern?

I am currently assisting with the center’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. My most recent task was to put together a flow-chart of the center’s travel and procurement process to illustrate how it will translate to the ERP system. 

What have you liked most about your internship at ASCC?

I appreciate the opportunity to work on meaningful tasks that contribute to the project’s goal. I am excited to have as much involvement as I do in the ERP integration. Also, in my particular role, I get insight into many different business operations at ASCC. I’ve had the opportunity to shadow the human resources, finance, and purchasing departments. 

 What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an intern?

One of my tasks was to shadow a few finance team members to outline their payroll workflow. This task was a challenge for me, as I don’t have much experience with accounting and billing processes. I had to take the time to do my research. In general, it is challenging to see how much more complex these day-to-day business processes are, especially for a project-based organization. 

What are some things you learned during your internship that you couldn’t have learned in the classroom?

I have learned about ERP systems in broad terms in class. But it will be exciting to see the ERP applied in a professional setting. As a hands-on learner, sometimes concepts do not click until I can see the application in real life. 

How do you think your ASCC internship experience will help you after graduation?

I think it is important to gain as much experience as you can while you are a student. There are many resources and opportunities for professional development available to UMaine students that are great to take advantage of before graduation. This experience helps me gain insight into the several different operations of an organization, which I think will benefit me in the future. 

Any advice for other students considering an internship?

I think any internship is a valuable experience for preparing yourself for a full-time job. It’s great to get that exposure before graduation, establish connections, and get familiar with how a business operates. Not only that, but it gives you an early look into your career path, which may be vital if you decide it is not the right one for you.

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