Billing Information and FAQs

Important Billing Information:

Check Your Account on MaineStreet Frequently

The charges on your billing statement are based on course enrollment as of the statement date. Your final amount due may change with future course additions/drops, changes in financial aid, or other charges. Tuition is calculated on a per credit hour basis. Wait-listed classes are not charged until you are enrolled in the class. Please compare your course registration with tuition charged. To view or print your class schedule, please go to Student Self Service and click on the “My Class Schedule” link under the “Academics” section of the Student Center. For per-credit-hour tuition rates, go to Tuition and Fees. To view your account, or make payment with an electronic check or credit card, go to MaineStreet – Student Center Tile – View My Bill or Pay My Bill (under Finances). Monthly billing updates are provided online only. You will be notified by email to your account when a new statement is available.

Authorized User Account for Parents or Others

Add authorized users in TouchNet Bill + Payment Suite for parents, guardians or others to view your account information, receive online billing statements, and make payments on your behalf. Authorized users do not have access to your stored payment methods, academic or other personal information. To establish an authorized user online, go to MaineStreet –  Student Center Tile – View My Bill (under Finances). Instructions for adding an authorized user online.

Late Payment Fees

If you have a balance due and it is not paid in full by the due date, a $50 monthly late payment fee will be assessed to any unpaid portion. If you have pending resources not shown on this statement, you can avoid the late fee by completing the anticipated resources section of Campus Finances on Student Self Service. Instructions on how to enter anticipated resources.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds of excess financial aid for the Fall or Spring semester will be available beginning the week before classes start. Your refund could be delayed if your financial aid award is based on full-time enrollment and your current enrollment is not full-time. If you intend to remain enrolled less than full-time, notify Financial Aid on MaineStreet Self Service. For more information on Refunds, visit our Refunds Policies page.

Refunds of excess financial aid for Summer semester will be available once your first Summer class has begun, if it is appropriate for that excess financial aid to be refunded to you.

Get your Refund Faster by Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get your financial aid refund. If you are expecting a refund, consider enrolling in direct deposit. You can enroll on the MaineStreet Student Center by clicking the “Direct Deposit” link in the Finances section. Instructions on how to enroll in direct deposit. Refund checks are not available for pick-up in the office of Student Business Services.


Frequently Asked Billing Questions:

When will I receive a bill and when will the bill be due?

The University of Maine provides online electronic bills only.  Email notifications will be sent to the student and their TouchNet authorized user(s) each time a new statement is posted online.  If you need to view or print a copy of your initial semester bill or a subsequent statement, please see How to View/Print Your Student Bill

  • Fall billing statements will be available beginning mid-July, and will be due August 15th for undergraduates and September 15th for graduate students.
  • Spring billing statements will be available beginning  mid-December, and will be due January 15th for undergraduates and February 1st for graduate students.
  • Summer billing statements will be available mid-April, and will be due May 15th.

After the initial semester bill is created, you will be sent periodic updates regarding your financial status via email to your address. The email will provide you with a link to the MaineStreet portal and will also contain instructions on how to pay any balance due or receive a credit refund. To view your student account details, please log into the MaineStreet portal: click the Student Self-Service link, click the Student Center link, and then under the Finances section, click on the View My Bill link.

How can I view or pay my bill online or authorize others to pay for me?

Online payments (electronic check or credit card) can be made through your MaineStreet Student Center by accessing TouchNet’s Bill + Payment Suite. Instructions on making an online payment. By accessing TouchNet’s Bill + Payment Suite you also can view your current account balance and account activity, view your initial bill, and authorize parents, family members, and others to make payments on your behalf. To access TouchNet’s Bill+Payment Suite through MaineStreet, click on the View My Bill link under the finances section on your Student Center. This will take you to your account summary page. On the account summary page, click on the green “View Bill/Payment Options” button. On the next page, click on the yellow Access TouchNet Bill+Payment button. Instructions on authorizing other(s) to have access to your account and make a payment on your behalf.

What types of charges may appear on my bill?

In addition to tuition and fees the following charges may appear on your student bill: room and board, library fines, parking tickets, UMaine health insurance and other miscellaneous charges.

What do I need to know about the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?

Health insurance is mandatory for international students and graduate assistants. It is voluntary for all other students. All eligible University of Maine international and graduate assistant students attending in the Fall and/or Spring semesters will be charged a health insurance fee and are required to provide proof of adequate health insurance in order to waive the fee.

Eligible students for the voluntary program are:

  • Undergraduate students enrolled in 9 credits or more
  • Graduate students enrolled in 6 credits or more

Click here to see health insurance options available at the University of Maine.

How do I avoid a late fee by filling out the anticipated resources screen?

If there are funds that have not yet been applied to your bill, you must enter information about those funds on the Anticipated Resources page in Self Service on MaineStreet before the due date.  How to enter your Anticipated Resources.

Examples of information that might be entered in this area because the funds are not yet showing on your bill include: tuition waivers, graduate assistantships, or payments that are being made by your employer or another agency. Charges that will be covered by the Anticipated Resources will be deferred but only if the anticipated funds are listed in Anticipated Resources. Please pay any remaining portion of the bill that will not be covered by funds listed in Anticipated Resources by the due date on the bill. Failure to provide this information and pay any remaining balance will result in a $50.00 monthly late payment fee.

How can I receive a refund if I have a credit balance on my student account?

Refunds of excess financial aid for the Fall or Spring semester will be available beginning the week before classes start.

Refunds of excess financial aid for Summer semester will be available once your first Summer class has begun, if it is appropriate for that excess financial aid to be refunded to you.

The fastest way to receive your refund is by direct deposit. Sign up for direct deposit.

If you have not asked to have your credit balance held on your account or signed up for direct deposit, a refund check will be mailed to the address we have on file. Refund checks are not available for pick-up in the office of Student Business Services.

Why do I need to complete the Student Authorization page on MaineStreet?

On the Student Authorization page you are given the opportunity to make two very important choices:

  1. Grant permission for your Federal Financial Aid to pay all the charges on your account. We must have your permission if you would like us to apply your Federal Financial Aid to any charges other than tuition, fees, and room & board within the same aid year. Granting permission can make your account easier to manage.
  2. Authorize us to hold a credit balance on your account for future charges. Financial aid resulting in a credit balance on your account will be automatically refunded to you unless you request that it be held to apply to future charges.

How to complete your Student Authorization page in MaineStreet.

Whom do I contact regarding Student Loan Collections?

For questions related to the repayment of Federal Perkins, Nursing, and University Loans from any University of Maine System campus, please contact the Loan Processing and Receivables Management Office at the Shared Processing Center. Repayment issues include exit interviews, repayment schedules, alternate payment arrangements, deferment and cancellation forms, and default holds on student records. Students wishing to have Perkins Master Promissory Notes reprinted may contact the Loan Processing and Receivables Management Office, PO Box 412, Bangor, ME 04402-0412, or by phone at 207.581.5474 or 800.308.6148. or

Please note that the Loan Processing and Receivables Management Office does not process Stafford, Alternative or Parent Plus Loans. Questions for those loans should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid located in Wingate Hall, 207.581.1324.