M. Scarlett Tudor

Scarlett grew up in rural Ohio and is a 4-H alumni and a first-generation college student. Taking an aquarium project in 4-H sparked her interest in fish and fish behavior. After attending community college for nursing her love of fish guided her to get a Bachelor’s of Science focusing on the evolution of reproductive behaviors in swordtail fishes at Ohio University. This work inspired her to stay at Ohio University to continue her work with swordtails to gain a Master’s of Biology working on the effects of social environment on female mate preferences. She then attended the University of Florida for her Ph.D. where she worked with fish and insects continuing to explore the evolution of female mate preferences. Through this, she got interested in the effects of contaminants on reproductive behavior using Betta splendens, which is one of her current research interests. 


Scarlett was introduced to aquaculture when she moved to Maine working on a diversity of research projects with animals like lobsters and salmon. She then shifted her career path to education which has brought together her passion for aquatic animals and mentorship. She currently mentors students through her own research, internship programs (Aquaculture Research Institute’s Externship Program and AquEOUS), and youth development programs. (4-H Aquaponics Project and 4-H Aquarium Club)