Since 2009 we have led the field with support for aquaculture research in Maine.

Together with faculty, farmer, and town communities we continue to support revolutionary breakthroughs to advance aquaculture development in Maine.


Maine’s aquaculture aims to provide sustainable and safe food, of highest nutritional benefit and quality.  The Maine aquaculture sector is extremely diverse, including farming of fish, shellfish and sea vegetables in a variety of forms and scale across the state.

Technological advances in aquaculture are critical for the economic development of the sector and state, achieved through collaborative institutional, academic and industrial research efforts. 

Aquaculture research has a long history at the University of Maine, and has an outstanding array of facilities, resources, and people committed to world-class research.

Our diverse interdisciplinary portfolio addresses research questions valid to the entire aquaculture value chain, encompassing basic, applied and commercial research.

UMaine’s Aquaculture Research Institute provides leadership for Maine’s aquaculture research and development, and plays a key role in coordinating aquaculture interests, facilities and assets to form a coherent interdisciplinary enterprise that can address critical research questions.

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