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Professional Micro-Credential Pathway in Sustainable Aquaculture

University of Maine System (UMS) micro-credential offers professional development opportunities that result in a verified micro-credential for those who want to update their aquaculture skillset. A completed micro-credential badge indicates that you have successfully completed a high-quality and rigorous training and were able to demonstrate the skills you developed in a work-based setting. Micro-credentials prove to your employer that you have skills needed in today’s workplace. The Sustainable Aquaculture micro-credential pathway, coordinated by the Aquaculture Research Institute, will use the University of Maine System’s extensive aquaculture resources and educational expertise to create hands-on learning experiences.

Through this program’s level 1 and 2 experiential curriculum, learners develop the technical skills to work in diverse professional environments. These hands-on laboratory/field experiences are designed to address Maine Aquaculture Occupational Standards, which specify the current workforce skills and training needs of the aquaculture sector. 

The level 3 externship provides 12 weeks of paid experience at a range of industry sites throughout the state and significantly expands career opportunities. 

The Sustainable Aquaculture Micro-Credential Pathway is open to all applicants with at least a high school degree. This low cost program was designed to address aquaculture industry workforce and extension needs in Maine and will lead to entry level positions in the sector.

Program Requirements

The Sustainable Aquaculture Micro-credential Pathway requires completion of 4-5 micro-badges in all three levels outlined below.

Level 1: Gaining Knowledge of the Aquaculture Industry

Aquatic Animal Husbandry Micro-badge (1 week)

Level 2: Gaining Proficiency in Skills Sets Needed by the Aquaculture Industry (Choose 3) 

Aquatic Animal Health Micro-badge (1 week)

Applied Methods in Shellfish Farming Micro-badge (1 week)

Cooperative Extension Seafood HACCP Micro-badge (1 day)

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Micro-badge (1 week)

Field Techniques in Aquaculture (coming soon)

Aquaculture Nutrition (coming soon

Level 3: Skills Implementation within the Aquaculture Industry 

Summer Industry Externship (12 weeks)

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