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Home - A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Student

Eric Hanson, Brunswick, Maine
Wildlife Ecology, College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
6:30 The alarm clock blares and I hop out of bed. I hit the shower and then grab a quick bowl of cereal.
7:00 Off to the Maine Bound Adventure Center for a staff meeting with all the instructor staff. It’s a good bunch of people and a great way to start off my day. It gets me going.
8:00 Plant Taxonomy–my first class–over at Nutting Hall. This hall is home to us Wildlife Ecology majors. It has everything we need to survive, including vending machines for food, computers, and a lounge with nice couches for catching a quick snooze.
9:30 On to my second class, Wildlife Habitat Analysis, just up the hallway. This class is really interesting, because we discuss a variety of concepts and scientific studies.
11:00 Whew, class is done for the short-term so I meet up with my roommates for a sandwich at the Memorial Union Marketplace. The “Winslow” is my favorite, it’s a Chicken Caesar wrap with croutons.
11:45 Back to my on-campus apartment suite to get my paddling gear organized so I can get over to the Adventure Center. I’m teaching Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking this afternoon.
1:00 The whole kayaking class meets at the Maine Bound Adventure Center and then we head off to the nearby Kenduskeag River to work on river running skills. This is a great class and being able to teach it has really developed my skills as an instructor.
5:00 After class I hang up all my wet gear and head back to my apartment to whip up some dinner. Eric Hanson  at the climbing wall in Maine Bound
5:30 After that, I’m off to the Fogler Library to work on some homework. I like working on the first floor because the big tables are great for sprawling out and getting work done. I have a big paper due next week and I need to work on the outline for it.
7:00 Time to pack up my work and walk over to the CCA for the Spring Maine Steiner’s concert. They’re the UMaine men’s a capella group (there’s a women’s group too, called Renaissance) and they’re very talented. They travel all over the country performing and give a great performance and for students the tickets are only ten bucks.
8:45 Back to my apartment to finish some other homework and relax a bit. My five roommates all arrive home and we hang out for a while. It’s a great way to finish off a busy day.
11:55 By this time I’m getting pretty tired so I’m headed to bed with a book and it won’t take me long to fall asleep…

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