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The University of Maine’s close proximity to a diverse array of ecosystems and wildlife provides an outstanding setting for our wildlife ecology program, and the many other programs in ecology, biology, and natural resources in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture provide a diverse array of courses for wildlife ecology majors.

Scholarships for travel to professional events – NEW

The Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology has three funds to support travel to professional events by undergraduate and graduate students:  the David Veverka fund, the Eric C. York Fund, and the Samuel Perley-Donald Gates-Thomas Gates fund.  To request these funds please submit an application at least two weeks before the funds are needed. If more than one person is attending please try to submit a group application.

An application should include:

  1. A short letter (200-500 words) describing why you wish to attend the conference. For example, explain how the travel will enhance your career, provide an opportunity for you to present a poster on your work, etc.;
  2. your résumé;
  3. a description of the conference (this can be attached or conveyed by a URL in the letter);
  4. a budget that shows the various costs of attending (registration, travel, lodging, food),  how much you are requesting from WFCB,  and how much you are requesting from other sources. Also indicate how costs will be shared with other students (e.g., through sharing a room or car);
  5. any other pertinent documents, such as a recommendation letter (this is optional but might strengthen your request).

Please submit these via email with attachments to wildeco@maine.edu

2016 Report to Cooperators2016 Report Cover

The Maine Cooperative Fish and Research Unit releases its 2016 Report to Cooperators.