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Student Guide to Employment - Mandatory Paperwork

After all your hard work you’ve finally landed the perfect job…now what? There are just a few more steps you and your employer will need to take before you can begin working.

Mandatory Paperwork

For everyone who is employed:

Student Authorization Form: When a student is hired in a department for the first time, the student and their employer will need to fill out the Student Authorization Form. Be sure to fill this form out completely and have all the necessary signatures before submitting. The Student Authorization Form needs to be completed every academic year and every summer if the student is working during the summer term, as well as any time a change is made to the student’s position. See below for specific instructions on how to complete the Student Section.

The Student Authorization Form must be completed before you begin working. Forms can be found here.

For anyone who has not worked for the University within the past 12 months:

W-4: The student must fill out both the Maine State W-4 and the Federal W-4. These are tax forms and instructions are included. The Office of Student Employment cannot advise any student on what to put on the form, however, we can give simple instructions on how to fill out the form (see Student Tax Information page). We recommend that students talk to their parents if they have questions on how to fill out the W-4 forms.

Student earnings, including Federal Work-Study, are taxable. If you file “EXEMPT” on your W-4, your Exempt status is only valid for one year. If you wish to continue your Exempt status, you must file a new W-4 every January.

I-9: The Federal I-9 is the employment eligibility verification document. In order to complete the I-9, the student must provide original, unexpired identification proving identity and employment authorization. Students must present these in person to the Office of Student Employment. For a list of acceptable documents, please see Page 9 of the I-9.

Direct Deposit Authorization: Direct Deposit is mandatory for all student employees. This form authorizes the deposit of your paycheck into the account(s) of your choosing.

Students have up to 3 days after beginning work to complete these payroll documents before they will have to stop working. We recommend that students complete all necessary documents prior to working to avoid any complications.

After submitting all payroll paperwork to the Office of Student Employment they are sent to the Payroll Office for processing.

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