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Scholarships are typically awarded based a variety of criteria, including, but not limited to academic merit, achievement, financial need or a combination of these factors. Receipt of a scholarship must be included as part of the student’s financial aid award and may, in some cases, result in adjustments to the existing award. Scholarships do not have to be repaid.

Types of Scholarships

All students who file a FAFSA are automatically considered for need-based scholarships awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid. To be considered for a University of Maine Selective Scholarship, you must fill out the Selective Scholarship Application (PDF).

Scholarship Resources

UMaine makes every effort to protect the privacy of your educational records. In the event that you are awarded a scholarship from the University of Maine, the Scholarship Release of Information Form (PDF) allows the Office of Student Financial Aid to provide information to scholarship donors, offices and organizations that work so very hard to raise scholarship funds for UMaine students. This simple act helps to ensure that more UMaine students will continue to benefit from these generous gifts. Once you have completed the form, return it to the Office of Student Financial Aid so it will be on file should you be selected for a UMaine scholarship.

Print a Scholarship Release of Information Form (PDF)

If you cannot access the PDF documents, please contact our office for a hard copy.

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