Selective Scholarships

Applications for 2022-2023 Selective Scholarships are now available on ScholarshipUniverse.

Sign in to ScholarshipUniverse using your single sign-on to find out which scholarships you may be eligible for and to submit and manage your applications.

Selective Scholarships are donor funded, and the criteria for the scholarships are established by the donors. Students must complete an application for each selective scholarship they wish to be considered for, and must file their FAFSA each year if financial need is a scholarship criteria (look for the * by the scholarship title).

You do not need to fill out an application after the first year you are awarded the scholarship if you continue to meet the criteria; we will keep your application on file. We encourage all students applying for a selective scholarship to fill out a Scholarship Information Release Form so that the donors may know where their money is going.

Further information about selective scholarships can be found by following the links on the left-hand side of this page.

Students are automatically considered for need-based scholarships awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid, but must apply to be considered for a UMaine Selective Scholarship.