Outside Private Scholarships

Outside scholarships are scholarships that students receive from private donors.  Many of these scholarships are awarded through high school guidance offices, community organizations, or businesses and corporations.

Scholarship Search Resources for All Students

As a University of Maine student, ScholarshipUniverse, a scholarship-matching platform, can connect you with thousands of outside/private scholarships. External scholarships from sources outside of the University of Maine are thoroughly vetted before being listed in ScholarshipUniverse.

How to access ScholarshipUniverse:

  1. Go to umaine.scholarshipuniverse.com.
  2. Login with your MaineStreet username and password.
  3. Answer questions that build your profile and you will be matched to multiple scholarships through a personalized portal.
  4. Manage scholarship applications and receive alerts for new new scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship Search Resources for Maine Residents

Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)  www.famemaine.com
 Maine Community Foundation  www.mainecf.org
 Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarship Research Institute  www.mitchellinstitute.org

Students are required to report any and all additional resources to the Financial Aid Office.  This includes any outside scholarships you may be receiving. In addition, we recommend you send a copy of all of your Outside Scholarship award letters to the Financial Aid Office.  You can fax or email these copies, or bring them directly to our office.