Outside Private Scholarships

What is an Outside/Private Scholarship?

Outside scholarships are scholarships that students receive from private donors.  Many of these scholarships are awarded through high school guidance offices, community organizations, or businesses and corporations.

How do you find/apply for Outside/Private Scholarships?

If you are an incoming first-year student at UMaine, we recommend you check with your high school’s guidance office.  They often have a listing of local outside scholarships that you can apply for.  All students can check with any local clubs or organizations they are a part of.  Also, check your with your employer (or your parent(s) employer) to see if they have any scholarship opportunities.

In addition, there are many scholarship search engines.  The Scholarship Resources section of the Financial Aid website has a list of recommendations.  Remember, wherever you are searching for scholarships, NEVER pay to search or apply for scholarships!

Be sure to check out our complete Verified List of Outside Scholarships:

Click here to apply now!

Do I have to do anything once I have been awarded and Outside/Private Scholarship?

Students are required to report any and all additional resources to the Financial Aid Office.  This includes any outside scholarships you may be receiving.

In addition, we recommend you send a copy of all of your Outside Scholarship award letters to the Financial Aid Office.  You can fax or email these copies, or bring them directly to our office.