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Living Learning Communities

For some first-year students, coming to college can be a tough transition.  We understand that the university campus can feel very large, so we have intentionally designed smaller themed communities within our residence halls.  Being part of one of these themed communities allows you to move into a residence hall where you already know that you’ll have something in common with all of your neighbors.  The Residence Life staff members who run each residence hall intentionally partner with faculty and staff from across the university to provide fun programs and academic help for the students living in these halls, all based around the theme of that community.

These special themed communities are called Living Learning Communities, or LLCs, and each of our first-year LLCs is described below.  Each LLC is located on one or two floors of a different one of our first-year residence halls.

When you apply for housing, you can apply for up to two of the first-year LLCs.  You will be asked to submit a short essay answering the following two questions: What do you hope to gain by being part of this Living Learning Community, and what do you plan to contribute to this Living Learning Community?

When housing assignments become available (July 1) you will receive an email via your university email account if you are accepted into one of the Living Learning Communities.

Any questions about our Living Learning Communities can be directed to the First Year Center at 581-1420.

Any questions about the housing application can be directed to Housing Services at 581-4580.

  • The T.E.C.H. Living Learning Community is designed to provide students who are interested in technology, art, new media and innovations a space to create, design, inspire and immerse themselves in their interests. This program will have a direct relation to some academic areas of study, but may also draw students who are outside of these academic areas, but who also have a love of art and technology and want to be part of this environment. Residence Life staff will work closely with faculty from various areas of campus, as well as other tech-savvy staff, to provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, to take part in art and video competitions, and much more!


  • The Global Crossroads Living Learning Community is designed to create a supportive environment for international students and for students who are interested in experiencing other cultures. This program will focus on issues of diversity and multiculturalism, will encourage students to push themselves beyond their comfort levels, and will encourage students to share their culture, whether they are from Aroostook County or the other side of the globe. This program will offer students the opportunity to think globally by participating in community service, through the discussion of world affairs events, and through exposure the opportunities provided by the Office of International Programs.


  • The Explore UMaine Living Learning Community is designed to provide a supportive environment for students who are coming from out of state, who have not yet chosen a major, or who are new to the area. The proximity of this program to the First Year Center will mean an additional level of access to the First Year Center staff members, programs being sponsored by the First Year Experience, and a variety of resources. This is a great environment for students who are nervous about their first year of college, and who may need a little extra support to become engaged in the university environment, both academically and socially.  This program will focus on making sure that every student is involved on campus- in a club, organization or campus job- and has the necessary tools and resources to be successful academically!


  • The Support for Science Students (S^3) Living Learning Community is a program designed to promote a sense of community and cooperation amongst first-year students majoring in the sciences. These students not only live together, but also are often in the same courses. This makes it very easy for these students to get together with classmates at night to work on homework or to prepare for exams. The S^3 LLC offers a variety of activities to students, including Bio 100 Exam prep sessions, Acadia hikes, and science-based competitions. The ultimate goal of S^3 is to help science students form support systems that will last throughout their careers here at UMaine. *Please note that only students admitted to the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture, the College of Engineering, or the Chemistry program are eligible to apply for this LLC.


  • The CHOICE housing option is designed in recognition of the students who are intentionally seeking an environment where they will be free from the pressures or effects of drug and alcohol use. This program would require each student to sign a CHOICE lifestyle agreement, stating that they are choosing to abstain from alcohol, drugs and tobacco products during their time in this community. Students who violate this agreement will be asked to leave this community in order to preserve its core values.


  • The Well Living Learning Community is designed to provide students an environment focused on living a healthy lifestyle through fitness, healthy eating, nutritional guidance and more. Residence Life staff collaborate with staff from the New Balance Fitness and Rec Center and Dining Services to promote ways that students can live a healthy lifestyle while on campus. By being part of this community, students will be surrounded by folks who could become their gym buddies! This program would be a great location for students who are interested in studying food science, nutrition, athletic training, pre-med, and so forth.


  • The Outdoor Adventure Living Learning Community is designed for students who enjoy participating in a wide range of outdoor activities. Residence Life and Maine Bound Adventure Center staff members work together to promote outdoor activities on campus as well as trips throughout New England. Students can participate in a variety of activities, including hiking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing, sea kayaking, and more. We also offer a variety of clinics and classes for students who are interested in learning more about rock climbing, belaying, winter camping, wilderness survival and more. Trips are often at a reduced cost to the student, and usually provide a guide and transportation. The best part about being part of this community is that all of your neighbors are interested in the same outdoor activities that you are so you can plan your own adventures!