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Health Professions

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The Application Process

UMaine Students Gain Early Admission to Tufts Medical School

Deciding where to apply takes some time and research

Past experience suggests that most students should apply to eight to ten schools.

UMaine Students Gain Early Admission to Tufts Medical School

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How to Apply

Many schools do not want to receive an application from you directly, but only through an application service. AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) is one such association; AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service) is another. The application service provides medical school applicants with the ability to complete one application in order to apply to multiple medical schools that belong to their association. AMCAS applications must be completed online. AACOMAS and the Canadian medical school service applications may be completed online.

Other health professions schools have similar application services. For example, dental schools utilize the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Make sure to do your research so that your application is completed and submitted on time.

Health Professions File Requirements:

Please note that your Health Professions file should be complete by May 1st of the year you intend to apply to professional programs.

A completed Health Professions Student File Information Form, and Waiver of Right to Review the File. These are downloadable from the Health Professions Handbook folder in First Class.

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National Test Scores

Nearly all health professions schools require you to submit scores on specific national exams as a part of your application.

MCAT (Medical College Admissions Test)

GRE (Graduate Record Exam)

DAT (Dental Admissions Test)

OAT (Optometry Admissions Test)

If you are unsure about your standing after taking one of these exams, consult with the Health Profession Office. It may be to your advantage to retake the exam (which you can do without penalty). Retaking an exam, however, may delay your date of admission.

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Recommendations And Composite Letters

Health professions schools require recommendations, most request a composite letter others will request individual letters of recommendation. The Health Professions Committee prepares a composite letter. This committee is composed of faculty members from the various colleges at the University of Maine. It is advisable that you meet members of the health professions committee prior to requesting your composite letter. A list of Health Professions Committee members is available in the Health Professions Office or online.

Your composite letter is a compilation of your individual letters of recommendation. The faculty member authoring your letter is recommending you on behalf of the University of Maine and the Health Professions Committee. In order to write an effective letter, he/she will need a complete health professions file including the following information:


Original letters remain on file in the Health Professions Office archives even after the student has graduated. Please contact the office if you desire to reactivate your file after graduation.

Please Note: Recommendors and health professional school admissions committees prefer that you waive your right to read these recommendation letters. This action shows that you have confidence in yourself and in the people you have chosen to write on your behalf; also, school admissions committees tend to regard confidential letters as more candid. It is your choice whether or not you waive your right to view the file. The HPO has copies of waiver forms for you to sign if you so choose. The form is also included as part of the HP Student File Information Forms.

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Policies and Procedures

Health Professions file must be completed by May 1st of the year you are intending to apply.

Requests for composite letters must be received by the Health Professions office by May 1st. We cannot guarantee composite letters for requests received after May 1st.

Students who GPA’s are under a 3.0 must petition the Health Professions Committee for a composite letter.

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Most health professions schools require an interview as part of the admissions process. Perhaps the best advice is to be yourself, and to do so confidently but without arrogance. During the interview you may be asked your opinion of important issues affecting the health professions. In order to be well informed, you should regularly read newspapers, news magazines, and professional journals. Of course, you will not be informed on every issue, and it’s best to say you are unfamiliar with an issue rather than to try to hide your ignorance.

Other topics that may be explored in an interview include your motivation for a professional career, your personal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and your plans for meeting the financial aspects of your professional education. Thus, you should expect to be asked why you want to become a physician (or a veterinarian, or a dentist, etc.), why you have applied to that particular school, what you plan to do if not accepted, what aspects of your personality suit you to your planned profession, and even how you plan to finance your professional education. Check out for questions that have been asked at interviews and for applicants’ perspectives.

Consider scheduling a practice interview. Arrangements may be made with the Career Center located in the Memorial Union.

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Thank You Notes and Other Professional Courtesies

After you have interviewed at a professional school, it is common courtesy to send a formal thank you note. You may use this opportunity to restate your interest in the program and provide additional information as to why they should consider you to be a strong candidate. For tips on writing thank you letters, visit:

Applicant Responsibilities:

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