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Academics - Academic Advising & Health Professions Advisory Council

The University of Maine has established a Health Professions Committee to oversee the preparation of its undergraduates for careers in medicine and veterinary sciences.

The Committee:

  • Prepares composite letters of recommendation that are required by many graduate schools.
  • Provides advising for all health professions students. A committee member is available to work with the student, his academic advisor and the Health Professions Career Specialist to ensure that academic prerequisites are fulfilled and application deadlines are met.

Health Professions Committee Members

Dr. Barbara Cole
Professor of Chemistry and Chairperson
264 Aubert Hall

Dr. Dorothy Croall
Professor of Biochemistry
277 Hitchner Hall

Paul Gagnon
Career Counselor and Coordinator for the Maine Mentor Program and Alumni Career Services
300D Memorial Union

Dr. Leonard Kass
Professor of Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
104A Murray Hall

Dr. Bruce Jensen
Associate Professor of Chemistry
330 Albert Hall

Dr. Alan Kezis
Associate Dean, College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture
106 Winslow Hall

Sherrie Weeks
Instructor in Curriculum: Director of Athletic Training Program
151 Shibles Hall

Dr. Alan Rossenwasser
Professor of Psychology
370 Little Hall

Peter Reid
Coordinator Student and Data Support Services
Undergraduate Undeclared Major Advisor
Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture
2 Winslow Hall

Dr. David Neivandt
Associate Professor Chemical Engineering
319 Jeness Hall


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