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Faculty Senate

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Senate Minutes

Harlan Onsrud, President & Michael Peterson, VP

Harlan Onsrud, President & Michael Peterson, VP

Harlan Onsrud, President & Michael Peterson, VP

Michael Grillo, President & Harlan Onsrud, VP

Michael Grillo, President &  James Warhola/Harlan Onsrud, VP

Judy Kuhns-Hastings, President & Michael Grillo, VP/President Elect

Dianne Hoff, President & Judy Kuhns-Hastings, VP/President Elect

James Gilbert, President & Dianne Hoff, VP/President Elect

Leonard Kass,President & James Gilbert, VP/President Elect

Marie Hayes, President, Len Kass, Vice president/President Elect

Howard Patterson, President, Marie Hayes, Vice president/President Elect

Bryan Pearce, President, Howard Patterson, Vice president/President Elect

Robert Rice, President, Bryan Pearce, Vice president/President Elect

John Maddaus, President, Robert Rice, Vice president/President Elect

Michael Grillo, President, John Maddaus, Vice president/President Elect

Gloria Vollmers, President, Michael Grillo, Vice President/President Elect

Mary Ellen Symanski, President, Gloria Vollmers, Vice President/President Elect

Dana Humphrey, President, Mary Ellen Symanski, Vice President/President Elect

Kathleen March, President, Dana Humphrey, Vice President/President Elect


Contact Information

Faculty Senate
Kimberly Junkins, Faculty Senate Office
205 East Annex, Orono, Maine 04469
Phone: (207) 581-1167 | Fax: (207) 581-2640E-mail:
The University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469