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New Students & Orientation


Congratulations on your decision to enroll at the University of Maine. As a non-traditional student, you will be part of a special group of students who have chosen to pursue a UMaine degree while already managing many other life roles. Non-traditional students are those who have chosen to come to college several years past their graduation from high school, undergraduates who are 24 years or older, are parents themselves and/or are veterans. As the Staff Associate for Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP), it is my role to assist you in becoming a successful, engaged UMaine student.
If you are a Veteran  (or a veteran’s dependent)  you should  also visit for the VETS checklist for UMaine student-veterans.


As you know you are one of the small number of  18-21 year old students who will be a commuter for their first year at UMaine.  While the University of Maine does have a First Year Residency Requirement occasional exceptions are made.  If you are a recent high school graduate who will be commuting to UMaine, Commuter and Non traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) wants to welcome you to UMaine and assist you in having a successful university experience.

Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) wants to assist you as a new student at UMaine. I encourage you to sign up for an M Project guide.


Congratulations again on your decision to enroll at UMaine. Be sure to drop by the Commuter Lounge at 228 Memorial Union any time. I look forward to meeting you.

Barbara Smith
Staff Associate for Student Life
Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP)
Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS)




Summer Orientation June 2013

 □ Register for Summer Orientation at      Nontraditional students: note a special track for you that does not include the overnight stay

 MaineCard   Get your MaineCard photo taken.
If you pre-registered for Summer Orientation your MaineCard will be available for you to pick up 24 hours later. June 14-24 Fri-Sun at the Information Fair and Mon-Thurs at Student Services in Memorial Union.

After June 24: same day service at Student Services, Memorial Union.
You must be registered for classes to pick up a Maine Card. and you’ll need a photo ID.

Maine Card is used for:
Library card
To print or make copies at the library and computer clusters (every student gets $16 of printing)
BAT bus pass
Student Rec. Center pass
Deposit Black Bear Bucks to use at the Marketplace, Book store and more

Register for classes See Summer Orientation schedules at

Sign up for an M-Project Guide, a returning commuter or nontraditional/ student who’ll help you through your first year. Your M–Project guide can tell you how to put money on your MaineCard, how to find a parking space and where the local grocery store is and much more. To request an M Project guide:

Text Books
Use Text Book reservation services or stop by the Bookstore the week before classes to avoid the book store rush to find out what books you’ll need for your classes.

UMaine Parking Permit
Commuter Parking passes are $50.00 /year and can be purchased on line at
Be aware that commuters have designated parking areas and will be ticketed for parking in other than Commuter parking spaces. Call 207 581 INFO (updated several times /day) for parking space information.

Immunizations:  Its best to send immunization records in before you attend Summer Orientation.  But if not they  can be dropped off at the Immunization Table, Drop box  or Student Records  at the  Information Fair of Summer Orientation

JUNE TO AUGUST  ( If you missed Summer Orientation)

 Take a summer Orientation tour Register for a tour at your guide you’re a nontraditional student  or commuter and ask to include a visit to the Commuter lounge


Fall Orientation for New Nontraditional /Veterans Students
Meet other nontraditional students and get your last minute questions answered. Attend the special Non Trad/Veteran Student Fall Orientation on Thursday August 29, 2013.  Please check back later for more information about registering for this special Fall Orientation

Fall Orientation for New Commuter Students
First Year and Transfer Commuters
( not Non trad )

Welcome Weekend begins with an Open House in the Commuter lounge on Friday August 30, 2013


□ Activate your Email Account

It is essential that you begin using this email account immediately.  You can either check it regularly by going to It is recommended that you forward it to your FirstClass account

To read email using the UMS Webmail client:

  • Go to   Click on the Login to UMS Webmail link
  • Login using your MaineStreet ID and password

To forward your email:

  • Go to
  • Click on the link Change the destination of email sent to your address                     
  • Select the button next to Forward to the following address (es): enter the e-mail address to which you want mail forwarded from, and then click the Change Forwarding button.

□ Activate your MaineStreet account

  • Go to 
  • Use the MaineStreet quicklink to access the MaineStreet portal
  • Enter your MaineStreet ID and password.

If you have any difficulty activating, logging into, or using your account, please visit our support site at If you need further assistance, you may call the UMaine IT Help Desk at (207) 581‑2506.

Be sure to update your personal information on Main Street: for example: your local address and phone number

□ Activate your FirstClass Account

This is the UMaine intra-university email and conferencing system, most departments and many faculties will communicate with you on FirstClass. To activate go to or the Help desk @207 581 2506. Subscribe to the Commuter Services and the Nontraditional Student conference for regular info. Check out the Announcements & Alerts FirstClass conference regularly.

□ Sign up for the UMaine Emergency Warning System.

Be sure to sign up for these  cell phone and /or  email alerts You can also opt into the notices about class closing for snow days   You can also call 207 581 SNOW for cancellation info.


  □ Introduce yourself to your neighbors

□  If you are renting check with an insurance agent about renters insurance

□ Check with the town hall about local recycling and trash pick up. Ask about town parking regulations Ask about what about other services available to you as a town residents

□ Visit the town library

□ Confirm your mailing address with your landlord and/ or get a post office box. Check with local Post Office about mail delivery and  what  to do for mail delivery if you are away over breaks

□ Register to vote in your new town

□ Subscribe to a local newspaper or town newsletter




□ Read the Maine Campus, UMaine campus newspaper is free and published weekly and available on line

□ Know your academic advisor: set up a meeting and introduce your self before the Thanksgiving break

Spend time on campus beyond your scheduled class time, visit the library, attend a movie, have coffee at      Starbucks, etc.

Visit the Commuter lounge, 228 Memorial Union   

Meet other commuters   Have a free cup of coffee, Rent a locker, Read the Bangor Daily newspaper,
Connect with your M Project Guide



For more information contact
Barbara Smith, Staff Associate for CNTSP
Phone 207 581 1734,
228 Memorial Union