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CLAWS: Commuter Lounge Associates to Welcome Students Students


 Black Bear CLAWS (Commuter Lounge Associates to Welcome Students) will assist during the Commuter Maine Hello Thursday August 28, 2014. This welcome day is designed for new students who will be living off campus including traditional first year (recent high school grad) students, nontraditional students and new veteran students.  New  Student-Commuter  Welcome Day will give new students who are living off campus their own Fall welcome day to take care of last minutes tasks and   learn from other experienced commuters about being a student at UMaine.


Remember when you were new to UMaine?

Think of all you have learned

Since you were a new UMaine student,

Volunteer to join BLACK BEAR CLAWS


Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs (CNTSP) is looking for returning commuters to  be CLAWS for the Commuter  Maine Hello  on August 28, 2014.  CLAWS will be assigned a small group of either  new 18-19 year old commuters,  new nontraditional commuters or  new veteran student commuters to be their guide for the day.   Responsibilities will include generally answering questions  as well as leading discussion groups  and campus tours . CLAWS are encouraged to stay in touch with the new commuters they welcome and be available   occasionally to answer questions and suggest other  UMaine resources .


  • Have lived in off-campus housing for at least two semesters and planning to do so for fall 2014.
  • Have successfully completed at least two semesters at UMaine
  • Be approachable and willing to share you r experiences as an UMaine commuter.
  • Appropriately represent the University of Maine and Commuter and Non Traditional Student Programs
  • Attend  one  short  CLAW information session during spring semester ( to be scheduled)
  • Available  on August 28 , 2014  8AM-5PM to assist in the Commuter Maine Hello for new  students who will commute to UMaine


Every volunteer CLAW will receive a free Maine Hello t-shirt and a free lunch on Thursday August 28, 2014. But most important you’ll get to feel good about helping a new commuter student feel welcome at UMaine!



To apply to be a CLAW, contact Barbara Smith on First Class.

Applications  for CLAWS are closed for Fall 2014