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Career Center faculty

Ways the Career Center can support the
experiential learning
of your students!

The Career Center enjoys a strong relationship with faculty based on a shared commitment to provide students with a quality education for their professional and personal success. We encourage you to refer students to the Career Center for career counseling or for help with any aspect of their internship/job searches. We look forward to working with you.

Invite a Career Center professional to deliver a presentation to your class!

The Career Center staff is eager to speak with students in your class(es). We can come to your classroom or you can bring your class to the Career Center. We can deliver a presentation that fills a whole class period or for any amount of time that works for you. Here are some topics that we are prepared to deliver, but you can always request a unique career-related topic and we will do our best to accommodate your request. You may call the Career Center at 581-1359 to request a speaker.

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Suggested Topics for Class Presentations:

Career Exploration

  • Career Center Services (an overview of all services, customized for your particular class)
  • Self-Assessment: Skills, Interests, Values (using in-class exercises)
  • Tour of the Career Center (bring your class to the Career Center for an overview and tour)
  • Career Exploration: Using the Career Center Library and Career Center Online Resources (tour of library and/or online demo)
  • Careers for _________ Majors (can be customized for any UMaine major)
  • Choosing A Major/Choosing a Career
  • The Art of Networking: Using the Maine Mentor Program to Connect with Professionals and
  • Learn about Careers
  • Writing An Effective Resume
  • How to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs
  • Careers in the Health Professions

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Getting Experience: Finding an Internship or Co-op

  • Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Finding An Internship (can be customized for any major or career field; can include a demo of useful internet sites)
  • Using Technology in Your Internship Search (demo)
  • Finding an Engineering Co-op
  • Interviewing Techniques

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Job Search

  • Using the Career Center’s CareerLink System Effectively (demo)
  • Using Technology in Your Career Search (demo)
  • Writing an Effective Resume
  • Job Search Correspondence (cover letters, follow-up letters, emails, thank you letters, etc.)
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies for __________ Majors (can be customized for any major; this is a popular topic for Senior Seminars or capstone courses)
  • Careers for __________ Majors (can be customized for any major; this topic can be combined with Job Search Strategies for senior courses)
  • Careers in Theatre
  • LGBT Issues in the Career Search
  • Jobs in the Federal Government and How to Find Them
  • Preparing for Your Professional Life: Business/Professional Etiquette
  • Developing an Education Credentials File (for teacher candidates)
  • Preparing and Searching for Academic Careers (for graduate students)

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Graduate and Professional Schools

  • Applying to Graduate School
  • Health Professions and Professional Schools: the Application Process
  • Law Careers and Law School: the Application Process
  • Graduate Programs in the Helping Professions: Counseling, Psychology, and Social Work
  • Writing an Effective Resume and Personal Statement
  • The Interview Process

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The “Real World”: Presentations and Discussions with Employers

We often get offers from employers who would love to visit classes and give presentations about opportunities with their organizations or about careers in their field. If you would like an employer to present a particular topic to your class, let us know and we will find an employer who can fulfill your request

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Incorporate Career Center activities with your course syllabi!

  • Students can sign up for and participate in a mock interview with a Career Center counselor, using videotaping and an interview feedback component
  • Students can follow up a resume writing unit with a resume critique at the Career Center
  • Students can participate in the Maine Mentor Program as an out-of-class assignment
  • Students can research a career(s) using the Career Center library and password-protected resources on the Career Center website
  • Students can complete a self-scored career self-assessment inventory accessed on the Career Center website, then make a follow-up appointment with a counselor at the Career Center
  • The Career Center can link faculty to employers to arrange for class “field trips” or other site visits or open houses

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