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Personnel and Partners - Rising Tide Center Staff

Shannon McCoy
Interim Director

The Director provides day-to-day leadership for the programs focusing on the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women faculty in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) and social and behavioral science (SBS) disciplines. Our Director  collaborates with a multidisciplinary team of co-principal investigators and professional staff members to address issues that have been identified as barriers for women in these fields and coordinates activities with internal and external advisory committees, evaluators, and the NSF ADVANCE Program Office. The Director reports to the Principal Investigator and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost, Dr. Jeff Hecker.
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Joan Perkins 
Communications Specialist

The Communications Specialist supports ADVANCE initiatives by developing program materials, including informational flyers, guidelines and announcements, and assisting with grant reporting.  In addition, the Communications Specialist manages and maintains the ADVANCE website and works with the Co-PIs and the Director to disseminate research findings and to share ADVANCE products. Our Communications Specialist works under the supervision of the Director.
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Laurie Cartier
Administrative Specialist

The Administrative Specialist plays a critical role in meeting ADVANCE goals as she provides support to the Director, the ADVANCE co-PIs, the Liaison, and the Communications Specialist. As our contact person, this employee stands ready to assist members of the University community seeking information or assistance in addition to scheduling and coordinating ADVANCE activities and managing day to day operations in the ADVANCE Rising Tide Center.

ADVANCE Faculty Liaison

While the ADVANCE Faculty Liaison appointment has terminated, there is assistance available for faculty facing challenges in the workplace and to provide accurate information to faculty candidates seeking to make an informed decision before coming to UMaine.

CIGNA EAP can assist with a variety of issues including conflict resolution, Cigna logoreferrals to appropriate adminstrative offices and securing appointments with qualified providers. Please call CIGNA EAP toll-free at 1.877.622.4327 to talk with a professional, or find online resources by signing in with the password ums here:

Maine Career Connect offers important transitional services to faculty candidates, and to new faculty. Director Carin Sychterz is available to help candidates make those important decisions by providing information about the UM campus and the greater Bangor area community. She can answer those questions that candidates hesitate to ask a potential employer, and all services offered are confidential!

Maine Career Connect logoOnce committed to UMaine, MCC can help new families transition, and settle in comfortably. In addition, MCC offers support for trailing partners seeking professional employment in our area.

Visit Maine Career Connect online (, or call Carin at 207.949.7070 to arrange a meeting with your faculty candidates and newly hired faculty.


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