Schumacher, Glen

Glen Schumacher, Ph.D – WLEGlenn holding a fish
Co-Advisor: Christina Murphy – Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Start Date:  Spring 2023
M.S. 2020, Coastal Sciences, The University of Southern Mississippi, Ocean Springs, MS

B.S. 2019, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Stevens Point, WI, 207.581.1340

Brief Biography: I am from Wisconsin, and an early interest in fish and fishing led me to pursue an education in fisheries management. As a masters student working in the coastal Gulf of Mexico, I developed an interest in marine and freshwater systems, as well as the phylogeny of fishes and teaching. In my free time, I enjoy herpetology and keeping aquariums.

Current Research: I am generally interested in fish ecology, particularly community, and trophic ecology, and how these can be used to inform management efforts. At the University of Maine, I am examining the trophic structure of Maine lakes, and the trophic roles of Arctic Charr within these lakes to help estimate the resilience of Maine’s Arctic Charr populations in the face of climate change.