Stupik, Annie

Annie Stupik, M.S. – WLE
Co-Advisor: Sabrina Morano – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology
Co-Advisor: Pauline Kamath – School of Food and Agriculture
Start Date:   Fall 2021
B.S. 2014, Wildlife, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 207.581.2921

Brief Biography:  I’m from New England and developed an interest for wildlife research and management in undergrad. I’ve worked on various wildlife projects as a technician, served in the Peace Corps as an environmental conservation volunteer, and most recently worked in big game management at a state agency. I enjoy most outdoor activities and am also horse-crazy.

Current Research:  An iconic species throughout much of their occupied habitat, moose in New England are at the southern extent of their geographical range. Recently, scientists have developed concerns about how factors such as climate change and parasites affect biological processes in moose, especially when thinking about the future. In my time at UMaine, I will research survival, habitat selection, and resource use of Maine moose populations. Our goal is that the results of this project will help inform management decisions and planning for moose.