VEMI Lab Students Win Big At 2016 Grad Expo

The VEMI Lab was well-represented at this year’s combination Grad Expo and Center For Undergraduate Research Showcase, now called the Student Research Symposium, which was held for the first time on April 26th at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. A variety of projects were presented via talks and posters.


Undergraduate participants representing VEMI included:

Toni Kaplan and Amy-Fortier Brown, with Evaluation of Virtual Reality Simulation as a Supplemental Treatment in Cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Brenden Peters, with Dynamic Motion Control: Networked Control Software and Expanded Physical Capabilities for Virtual Environment Motion Feedback Devices

Scott Richards, with Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Veterans with PTSD


Graduate participants included:

Christopher Bennett, with Do Cognitive Maps Decay With Age?

Hari Palani, with Multimodal Access to Graphical Information for Blind and Visually-Impaired people using Touchscreen-based Devices

and frequent VEMI volunteer/collaborator Stacy Doore with A Room with a View: Designing Natural Language Interface Structures for Indoor Scene Description

While all of the participants did an incredible job with their respective projects, the following received additional recognition in the form of competitive Grad Expo awards:

Best Oral Presentation, Physical Sciences: Stacy Doore

Runner-Up for Best Oral Presentation, Physical Sciences: Christopher Bennett

Best Poster, Physical Sciences: Hari Palani


Congratulations to all!