About the VEMI Lab

Leaders in experiential learning and research education

The VEMI Laboratory, established in 2008, is led by Co-founders Dr. Richard Corey and Dr. Nicholas Giudice with Dr. Caitlin Howell. The lab is a multidisciplinary environment in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences where students and faculty learn and innovate together to solve unmet challenges with technology. Our expertise in Human Computer interaction and research education makes us the leading lab in our field. The lab’s experiential approach to research education helps unlock student potential and prepares them for success in their future careers.


VEMI’s Student Involvement

-Implements hands-on research experience to expand learning

-Maximizes student potential through practical experience and technology

-Produces practical problem solving skills

-Contributes to leading research in Human Information Technology

-Explores biology inspired technology that improves the human condition

-Practices collaboration between students and faculty as colleagues

-Provides practical experiences to plug into Maine’s workforce and drive students to learn efficiently 

-Exposes students to Maine’s professional networks


Your donations are what help to keep VEMI afloat; all donations are used to support students within the lab! 

Thank you for supporting VEMI and its students. 


VEMI Lab researchers testing out some virtual environment projects.  



The lab’s communal whiteboard encourages collaboration and ideas from everyone.