The VEMI Lab focuses on research and development related to how humans interact with technology and how we can leverage technology to overcome pressing issues and convey information in new and inclusive ways. We employ a diverse and interdisciplinary group of students, both graduate and undergraduate, who are eager to collaborate on intellectually intriguing projects and conduct research with cutting-edge hardware and software.


Leaders in inclusive Human-Technology Collaboration and Research Education

While interactive technology is the medium for most of our work, humans are at the center of everything we do. At VEMI, our mission is to advance technology that is accessible for all. What do we mean by that? Essentially, it’s about using tech to solve real-world problems across the complex range of human needs.

A female student in a VR headset

We specialize in Human-Computer Interaction and Inclusive Technology that harnesses multisensory information based on the integration of a combination of sensory cues (including visual, auditory, touch and haptics, and natural language) to mirror how the brain works. Recognizing that diverse lived experiences and perspectives are essential to creative problem solving in this space, we operate the lab as a multidisciplinary environment with students and staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

A male student in a VR headset reaches up with a controller while a female student works at a monitor in the background

Our “People First” philosophy also underlies our experiential approach to research education, which implements hands-on research experiences to expand student learning opportunities well beyond the boundaries of a typical academic program. Students are the heart of VEMI, attracted by the opportunity to develop practical, transferable skills and gain valuable transdisciplinary collaboration and work experience. Many VEMI initiatives are entirely student-driven, and students who work at VEMI (including undergraduates) are encouraged to pursue experimental design, paper authorship, and conference presentations as part of the lab’s research team.