Content Blocks removal project: next steps

As mentioned in our April newsletter, we plan to shut down the Content Blocks editor on all UMaine and UMaine Machias websites by June 30, 2025.

Moratorium on new Content Blocks pages effective June 17, 2024

In order to focus on revising existing pages using the Content Blocks editor, we will be removing the “Enable content blocks” option in the page editor. In most cases, site editors will want to create a new, replacement web page for an existing content blocks page. The “Disable content blocks” option will also be removed from existing Content Blocks pages to safeguard content from being accidentally unpublished/removed.

Unpublished Content Blocks pages to be deleted July 2024

In order to focus efforts on current published content, any unpublished web page using the Content Blocks feature that has not been updated in 12 months will be deleted.

Inventory of Content Blocks pages available

The helpful team with UMS IT’s Web Technologies group has generated reports to support the Content Blocks removal project. These reports detail all pages on sites that use Content Blocks, when they were last modified, and their publish status. These links will be refreshed periodically to help us all monitor progress:

We encourage all our website administrators to review the appropriate report— search the page using ctrl/cmd+F to find your website’s name, and expand the helpful list of pages using Content Blocks. Please delete any page that is no longer needed.