Escape to Mowry Beach Preserve

 Mowry Beach Preserve– Lubec, Maine             

Photo of the outlook at Mowry BeachMowry Beach Preserve— located minutes from the town of Lubec, Maine— offers 1.2 miles of sandy beach overlooking the Lubec Channel. Mowry Beach is a part of the Downeast Coastal Conservancy, ensuring its beauty is maintained for years to come. The beach offers many activities including swimming, fishing, bird watching, and picnicking. Dogs are even allowed on the beach (with a leash of course). Mowry Beach is used and treasured by the Lubec community. The local school uses the beach for their studies and projects. A large volunteer project even helped construct a trail going through the bog and forested area of the preserve. The South Lubec Shoreline is designated an “Important Bird Area” and many of these birds can be spotted at Mowry Beach. There is an abundance of nesting around Mowry Beach for many different species of birds. There are a variety of activities available at Mowry Beach for every type of beach-goer.

Undiscovered Maine team together on Mowry Beach
The Undiscovered Maine team visiting Mowry Beach on their semester trade trip to gather research.

While visiting Mowry Beach, I immediately noticed the beautiful view onto the Lubec Channel. The views are spectacular and perfect for anyone wanting a breathtaking ocean view. The sandy shore also had a lot of rocks, so if planning for a stroll make sure to bring sturdy sneakers. My favorite part about Mowry Beach was the sea glass it offered. Finding sea glass on the beach is one of my favorite beach activities and Mowry Beach had a ton to offer. Mowry Beach was the perfect place to unwind for a nice beach walk. Mowry Beach is a great place to do a variety of activities, make sure to add it to your bucket list next time you are Downeast. The views are unforgettable and I would definitely return.